Monday, February 4, 2013

America, your decline is showing.

You would expect that the biggest night of the year in sports would include full power to the lighting system.  A power outage 34 minutes long occured in the second half of the XLVII Superbowl yesterday. 

Superbowl XLVII
It used to be that only female clothing accidentally goes off at a Superbowl.  This however is Obama's America. 

In Obama's America they can't even keep the lights on.  Entergy is the company that provided power to the Superbowl until they didn't.  They boast about catching farts for the planet specifically for the Superbowl on thier website.

When you dig deeper you find out that they are funding a faraway farm to literally burn bullcrap for electrcity.  Somehow this "offsets your carbon footprint" for a Superbowl free of eco-guilt.  What a steaming load of bull.  What kind of crap morality requires that a person burn poop as they burn fuel? 

What use is a power company that spends its resources providing free electricty to some farmer while paying customers sit in the dark?  This is the decline. 

So what is next for the fart catchers?  What else can they diminish besides the Superbowl?

The Eco-nuts are planning a "Blackout Rally" on February 17th in Washington.  The Sierra Club and are a few of the organizations that will be there asking for increased general poverty.  These fanatics have openly called for large scale reductions (95%) in nuclear, hydroelectric, and fossil fuel consummption with no viable replacement.

Power outages would be common place if these organizations ever succeeded.  Power outages would be the default while things like Superbowls would just fade away.  Who would buy the products in those expensive commercials?  Who could afford to run a television?  How would they even light up the Stadium?

These eco-nuts are anti-civilization, anti-life, and anti-mind.  They are anti-human.  They must be opposed.  Some fearless and intelligent people are doing just that.  Alex Epstien will be there with a counter movement.  He's calling it The Light Brigade.  Thanks to people like him, I actually look forward to these events.

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