Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Misanthropy in Environmentalism

Misanthropy: a hatred of the human race.

Try that word out.  Its here.  Its inside the environmental movement and its dangerous to our health.

Last weekend the misanthropic eco-nut cult held a Blackout Rally in Washington.  Only 5,000 people showed up.  One of them was honest enough to speak his mind to the Light Brigade.

This man wants blackouts.  He wants to get rid of all the roads and all the cars because he thinks they are an existential threat to the planet.  The planet and our civilization cannot co-exist in the minds of many environmentalists.

Not all of them are like that.  The groupies who haven't really thought it through are in there too.  A great many have picked up the misanthropic ques from the leaders and are actively against the human race. 

The guy in the video above is not some freak that just showed up.  He is typical.  I've met people like him and debated them.

Usually it starts when someone you just met says something silly like "they should just ban combustion altogether."  An ridiculously untenable statement like that is easily destroyed.  That is when you start getting truth.  They will tell you that the benefit of mankind is not their interest and therefore their argument stands.

"But millions would die of disease and starvation," is a common response to an eco-nut statement.  The misanthrope will invariably respond with: "good.  Mankind is a blight and a scourge on the earth and there are too many of us to begin with."

Bang.  Eco-fascist.  Think about what they actually mean by that.  This is the goal and moral underpinning of the misanthropic eco-nut.  They won't be committing suicide as a member of the human race because they have a dual purpose:
  1. spread misanthropy and
  2. end the human species. 
When you get to that point with someone smile.  You've won.  Tell them so.  "Ha! I win!"

Misanthropes are antagonistic to the human race.  They are everyone's enemy including themselves.  They are the enemy of all of your ancestors, all of the descendants of your ancestors, and all of your descendants yet to be born. 

There can be no greater cause than the defence of mankind.  There is no moral authority higher than the safety and benefit of mankind.  The continued existence of the human species negates any other considerations.  Mankind's dominance over nature must be upheld by all means we possess else we cannot guarantee our species imperative: to exist.

The only way to accept a misanthropic viewpoint into society would be for the misanthropes to sterilize themselves.  What followers they convert can also choose to voluntarily become sterile.  No one can be involuntarily sterilized or killed to reduce the population.

People think that evolution has stopped.  Instead of evolving better eyes because only people with perfect eyes are left to reproduce, we simply make eye glasses.  Everyone survives thanks to our industrial society.  Hooray!

Evolution doesn't stop in times of plenty.  It begins to experiment with all kinds of plentiful variations.  Some dance and sing.  Others unlock the secrets of the universe.  Each individual is a unique expression of the human genome.  Each one may hold the key to survival when or if the times of plenty come to an end.  Whatever variation of human makes it through the next bottleneck becomes the new human archetype.

Look at David "Dr. Fruit fly" Suzuki talk about overpopulation here (yes those are really his hands).

Videos like that are how progressives become misanthropes.  What is a progressive but a paternalistic self-appointed manager of society. 

Presented with the false problem Suzuki gives, progressives and environmentalists take it upon themselves to be the next bottleneck.  A bottleneck is a calamity for a species.  They see it as inevitable and so what else is there for them to do but manage and enforce a decline.

Even if they succeed its totally irresposible to purposefully reduce the population.  Nobody knows what the next real bottleneck is.  If we end up with nothing but metrosexuals can we be sure humanity will survive the next challenge at all?

It's hard to say whether our current downward trajectory is the result of purposeful social engineering taken by progressives to reduce the population and its attendant economy.  It would be nice if Suzuki and people like him would stop thinking about humans as if they were maggots or bacteria.  Do progressives have a hand in making kids more trouble than they are worth to a lot of people?  I think they do.

Either way they hate humanity.  Excommunicated Greenpeace Founder and Doctor of  Ecology Patrick Moore coined the the phrase "Anti-human" to describe misanthropy in environmentalism.  I conclude with a clip of  Dr. Moore explaining anti-human environmentalism.  Its real and its working against your own life.


brian said...

I'm a lefty. I'm familiar with paternalism and progressivism does not qualify. You might be better to call it maternalism if it were to be characterized along parental lines. Paternalistic ideologies focus on punishment while maternalistic ideologies focus on care.

Anyways, I hear ya about environmentalists. I'm wondering if any of these people think for themselves at all.

Alex F said...

Hello Brian. Lefty's are welcome here though I hope you feel better soon.
Maternal/Paternal, perhaps I should have called it parental? I meant to include both aspects of parenting which can include too much care and a license to punish transgression. I did not mean to get lost in gender qualifiers. I think you understood me anyway and I'm glad.

Good to know someone from the other side can see the problem. They are insatiable. If they succeed against one industry they will move on to the next and the next.

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