Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vote in The Coprolite Awards for COP-17

Fossils are cool.  I collect them.  They are geology, biology and paleontology cast into a physical, often beautiful, artifact.  The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller is a temple to my beliefs and a house of wonders and treasure. 
Fossil Bone Bed in Dinosaur Park

I'm quite proud that Canada receives fossil awards.  When you look at the eco-lobby that gives them out for ignoring them, it is quite a prize.  It would be very disappointing if we didn't get at least one.  A fossil award is something that every nation should strive for.

Make no mistake.  Environmentalist are solely lobbyists for an earth cult.  They produce nothing at all but complaints, propaganda and hyperbolic emotional fear campaigns.  There is no pleasing them even when appeasing them.  Money spent on these eco-lobby groups is utterly and ironically wasted.  Their only solution is socialism, which is their motivation in the first place. 

I do thank them for their cool awards however.  In return I'd like to establish the Coprolite Awards at COP-17.  A Coprolite is not a fossil.  Coprolites are lithified poop.  Like fossilized footprints they are not actual fossils.  Coprolites are preserved prehistoric animal turds.
Coprolite: Ewww

What better metaphor for the eco-lobby than ancient lithified poop?  Its perfect.  Global Warming being the ultimate pile of outdated bull crap where eco-hypocrite crusaders retain their defecated shape and nothing of their original ideal.  Fossilized crap has never in history deserved such recognition.

The Categories will be:
  • Grand Coprolite Nation: given to the Country that stands out for its righteous hand ringing and hypocrisy.
  • Coprolite-in-Chief: The top non-scientist who has made the most fantastical claims and money off of AGW.
  • Coprolite Wizard: The scientist who distinguishes themselves for activism, forgery, withholding data, and skewing results.
  • Coprolite Quisling: The politician who bows lowest to the eco-lobby.
  • Coprolite Cache: the stupidest and shrillest ENGO.
  • Tax Funded Coprolite Cache: The government organisation that spends the most tax money in order to raise the taxes of its citizens. 
I'm open to ideas on other categories I may have missed.  Perhaps a lifetime achievement coprolite.
I'm also open to nominations for each of the awards.  Vote for each category on the left and leave any suggestions below. Put Durban in the dirt bin like all the other expensive hypocritical climate junkets.
Coprolite jewlery is not glamorous


Frances said...

Better yet, get a membership in the Coprolite Research Association of Palaeoscatologists.

Alex said...

mmmmmmm no. There's folks who study that stuff and I realize I'm poking fun at their study but they should have a good sense of humour and a thick skin by now. You've got to be independently wealthy and a bit strange to get into something like that don't you think?

Anonymous said...

silly fascist conservaturd

Alex said...

Hey look, the post is attracting flies.

btw Fascist = National Socialist

Kind of like China's government today. Totalitarian state plus crony capitalism = fascsim.

But that is probably too much for you.

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