Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Albertans are PST

Pissed off with Alberta's Progressive Party?  You aren't the only one.  Liepert floated the idea of a Provincial Sales Tax (PST) today.  This isn't the first time either.  We all know what the left wing party that governs Alberta is itching to raise taxes.  They can't turn around without stepping in their own poop because they are full of it.  Political speak for this sort of thing is a "trial balloon."  Basically they dip their toes in water to see if they can swim.

Albertans do not want a PST.  Albertans have already been humbled by this governments inefficiency compared to other  provinces and its unprecedented deficit.  Now they want a new tax.  

How many public sector unions does Redford intend to buy off?  Anyone with two or more brain cells to rub together can figure out that if the PC's hang on to power through the next election, we will get a PST.  No two ways about it.

Danielle Smith asked us this morning: "What do you think of the Redford Tories proposal for a provincial sales tax?"

My Answer:  "I think I want to knock every door in Alberta to tell them there is a way out."

You better believe it.  I didn't move here so Ontario's disease could follow me.  Not on my watch!

The next trial balloon will involve filling in the Alberta Badlands by levelling Alberta's Rocky Mountains I'm sure.  Isn't that fair?  Isn't that how progressives think after all?  That's the PC way these days.  We should all be made to write a $400 check to Premier Redford right now.  Call it a Prosperity Penalty.  Alberta advantage hah!  Not with this dead weight in our provincial government.  


The_Iceman said...

Where have you gone Ed Stelmach, Alberta turns its lonely eyes to you...

Alex said...

Ed Shmed. The whole PC party can be pumped down a well as frac water.

Anonymous said...

Ed dressed up in drag and changed his name to Alison. The Progressive Party is trying VERY hard to not get re-elected, I hope they succeed.

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