Thursday, November 17, 2011

Redford and McGuinty: peas in a pod

Awe aren't they cute?  Just look at this picture.
Two Liberal politicians chatting by the fire.  Tax money can conveniently go up in flames any time they choose.  It's good to be Premier. 

Alison Redford went to Ontario.  She went there to learn a few tricks from the master.  The master being the same guy who sent ministers to Copenhagen to bad mouth Alberta and generally make Canada look bad. (link)  You remember those dinks Quebec and Ontario sent right?  All the same people are still in government.

All you have to do is say some progressive jargon and its all water under the bridge.

"We are a mosaic of peoples, regions and interests and we have always celebrated this diversity." (link) Wow huh?  Steyn's leftist keywords uttered by our own Premier.  It really is a Liberal government we've got here.  She even spoke of a "National Energy Strategy."  Because one National Energy Program wasn't enough.

I said before that Redford belonged in Ontario and there she is rubbing elbows with the biggest failure since Bob Rae. 

When you have a permanent deficit, you are a failure.  You are taxing the future when you spend more than you earn.  There is no magic in this.  There is no flowery progressive platitudes that are going change this.  There is no amount of 'coming together to establish a dialog in the cultural mosaic spirit to celebrate diversity' that is going to change the laws of mathematics so you can spend more than you earn forever.  Something has got to give.  All over Canada, we are sick of being the ones giving it up all the time. 

Voters know this, even if politicians don't.   

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Anonymous said...

Well said, permanent debt/deficit = " you/we/I " have failed !

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