Monday, November 14, 2011

Off the chart stupidity in Obama Nation

Obama is a total train wreck.  Obama's incompetence strains the English language to find adequate the word to define it.   Stupid?  Idiotic?  Moronic? Idealist?  Timid?  Wrong-headed?  Clueless?  Obama is all those things, but more so.  It's not enough to call him stupid.  The moron freezing his loser butt off in an open sewer that was once a city park tonight, that's stupid.  Obama takes it to a whole other level.

This is the kind of stupidity that lends half a billion to negative cash flow companies like Solyndra for a flawed ideology at best, and/or to give heavy Obama campaign donor George Kaiser a bailout at worst.  That bad loan was in turn loaned to the US with no realistic plan to pay for it.  Some unborn tax payer was sold as a slave to Obama's political cronies.   

Why does he and his administration need to think so hard about the Keystone XL pipeline?  It's a "no brainer," said Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a man known for his wise strategic decisions.  Obama's eco-nut base is so fickle that Obama is afraid to lose them in the upcoming election over this.  He would stand to lose a lot of campaign money and a host of volunteers.  The Keystone XL and its tens of thousands of permanent American jobs will have to wait until after the election.  Those workers can go camp in a city park or something.  The only thing important to Obama is campaign donations from the special interests that own him. They are the special interests that made him.

This campaign cash gain to Obama comes at the expense of real revenue at a time when the US needs it the most.  The US deficit is 1.3 trillion!  US Unemployment is at 9.1%!  

I suppose he really does think Americans are stupid.  Never mind Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Canadian oil indecision, snubbing friends, groveling to enemies, and the trillions spent with nothing to show for it.  Nah.  All America really needs is a slick 2012 election campaign and all will be well.  Obama needs to continue to nap in the Oval Office and golf.  That is all that really matters to the administration.    It's not their money after all.

The leftards are right about America.  America does suck.  They should know, they did it.  They are doing it.  They, the left, is responsible for the hole America is in.  Mark Steyn pointed out the on Sun News the other day that all this play money comes from China, and the US still gives millions in foreign aid back to China.  What a deal!  Take a bow progressives.  You have really out done yourselves on that one.

America is insane, completely insane.  Not Americans, the people, but the United States is crazy.  Spending like there is no tomorrow and turning away good jobs.  If a person acted like the US they would be locked up.  Progressives have talked all the sense completely out of politics and pat themselves on the back for it.  The entire western world is sick with this Progressive/Liberal/Socialist/Marxist disease we can aggregate as The Left. 

Stupid can't begin to describe the Obama administration.  The word is just too soft for the insanity unleashed by this community organizer and his pack of Marxists.  This little rant started with my inability to concisely state the scale of the Obama administration's stupidity in one word, but I think I've found it.  Obama is Leftist.

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Yes, for sure..Leftist=stupid..criminal...malicious...brain dead..


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