Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Alberta is strong and free for now

Alberta has improved its economic freedom as of 2009 says a Fraser Institute report.  Thanks to Obama the rest of North America has fallen, leaving Alberta in first place.

We even beat Rick Perry's Texas.

While I'm sure the Redford government is clinking champagne glasses and patting backs over this, all I can do is face palm.  Why?  Because this is it.  Alberta is now (or was in '09) the best part of the best part of the world.  There is no grass that is greener anywhere.

The Author of the report said "the biggest thing is that the United States’ jurisdictions have been trending down."  It's as if we are the flotsam left after a great ship sank.  I'm happy for Alberta but sad for the ship, sad for the world.

The Redford government days ago floated the idea of a provincial sales tax.  Part of the consideration for economic freedom is taxation.  Higher taxes allow bigger governments, which would negatively impact our standing on this important measure. 

It is clear that Allison Redford brings the wrong kind of change to Alberta.  -The change that brought down the western world.  They aren't just resting on their laurels, they are actively working to discard them.  Redford had nothing but praise for Ontario's McGuinty policies last week which scores 49th out of 60 on the economic freedom index.  It's those policies that are currently wrecking the economy of central Canada.  It's McGuinty's policy that has driven them into 'have-not' status.  

Many people, including myself, chose Alberta as their home for precisely the reasons that Alberta won the top spot in the economic freedom report.  You could turn this report upside down and say that Alberta scores last in socialism (thank goodness).

The Redford PCs best ideas are about increasing government scope.  Socialism.  They don't care if we beat Delaware by a little or a lot.  They don't care about our economic freedom at all.  For them its about short term power, and they plan to bribe us with our own money to keep it. 

Wildrose does care about personal and economic freedom.  Wildrose does not plan to top the freedom index by watching everyone else lose theirs.  Leadership of the free world may have fallen into our lap by default, but it won't stay there by overspending like a Red Tory.  Alberta should be looking at ways to enhance our economic freedom and the Wildrose Party are the only ones able to do this.

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