Friday, October 7, 2011

Redford belongs in Ontario

If the election in Ontario didn't frighten you, it should have.  Even the surest election can be lost.  Even the most despicable bums like the McGuinty Liberals can lie and bribe and manipulate their way to staying in power.

What is more despicable than a politician who sells out to a union for a tarnished crown?  Alison Redford did that for the Leadership of the PC Party and the Premiership of Alberta.  For the sum of $107 million the Premier's office was sold.  Union members bought into the PC Party in order to vote in Alison Redford and get their money.

One insult to democracy begets another.  Redford's first move was to cancel the fall session of the Legislature.  There will be no questions about Redford's deal with the teachers union.  There will be no discussion with the representatives of the people of the merits and methods education funding.

$107 million  may well be a necessary contribution to education.  Redford's decision was made behind closed doors and for unethical reasons completely separate from the real needs of students and schools.  It's a scandal and a shame.

We cannot allow this latest betrayal to stand.  We cannot allow our democracy to be horse-traded away to special interests no matter how worthy the cause.  Concerned Albertans must support Daniel Smith and the Wildrose.

Ontario was once the flower of Confederation.  They were masters of Canada's economy.  The unspoken soul of national policy.  Now look at them.  The same will happen to us.

The path of  social progressive ideology has only one terminus.   The Progressives are leading Alberta in the same direction.  Failure.  Greek failure. Spain's failure.  Soviet failure.  Ontario's failure. Obama's failure.

Alberta is failing. 

This is why I'm asking you to help Save Alberta.  The Wildrose can keep Alberta out in front.  We can be a shining example of a government that works by people who know the value of their hard work.  

To this end, I've decided to run through the 40 Great Reasons to Vote Wildrose.  In keeping with today's themes I'll skip right to Reason # 6: FREE VOTES.
This is the opposite to oppressive PC domination of your government.  Redford doesn't even allow her whipped PC MLA minions to vote in the assembly and on the record.

We pay a lot of money for the privilege of democracy.  I'm sure a dictatorship is much cheaper without all that messy voting and representation.  The expensive privileges that Redford casually cancels will be strengthened and empowered under Wildrose.  Your elected member will be free to represent you and be responsible to you.

Your constituency will come before the will of the PC leader of the week and her union masters.  


Glen said...

After waxing on at length about doing whatever it takes to ascend to power, why are the Wildrose exempt from your claims? Do you have any personal experience within the Wildrose? Well, I do. And this upstart is no different, no better, no cleaner, no more honest than any other. In fact in some ways they are worse. More duplicitous. More deceitful. More say one thing and do another. The Wildrose is nowhere near a true "grassroots" movement. Every day that passes makes HQ and a select cabal more in control.

So, either you are just another of their operatives or you woefully lack in actual experience dealing with this gang. And yes, I can provide examples if you wish to pursue this.

maryT said...

What happened Glen, you lose a nomination, or banned from running. Please provide examples.

Anonymous said...

Influence peddling IMO.
She should be charged.

Alex said...

Sorry, was I waxing on? It felt like just as many sentences as I needed. How many sentences would you have used?

I'm more of an observer at this point. A former customer of a business I subsequently lost signed me up for Wildrose in 2008. I've worked with my local candidate for Wildrose on the federal campaign before he was a candidate. That's about it.

I really have no idea what your talking about. -Or is it waxing? If I'm not grassroots, I don't know what is. Obviously I can't think for myself. I never had a tin foil hat. I hear they block thought control rays.

Petty squabbles are not interesting to me. Somebody took somebodies parking spot. Somebody moved somebody Else's cheese. I don't have any experience in the inner circle and I don't care to. I'm not involved for myself. Operative sounds so dashing, but I'm a grunt, a foot soldier. If there is more I can do for this province I'm open to suggestions, but I'm just glad to help.

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