Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alberta PC Cabinet Upsized

We'll take this order 'to go' please.  Premier Redford has picked her cabinet and it is a whopper.  21 stale buns will occupy the cabinet chairs around Redford's newly purchased throne.  The Burger Queen has change on the menu but this is no diet plan.  Canada's fattest provincial government is sitting down to an all-you-can-eat taxpayer buffet.

Wildrose has already committed to a small and efficient 16 member cabinet.  40 Reasons to Vote Wildrose #12 aims to trim the fat from cabinet.  Shrinking the size of government starts at the top.

Even ousted Ed had a 19 person cabinet at first.  You don't shrink government by growing it.  I don't think that was ever priority before or after Redford's coronation.  The priority we see here is patronage and payoffs.  Is your Alberta government and its ministries run in your interests or in the interest of the PC party?


Anonymous said...

no one needs more than nine or ten people in a cabinet.

Anonymous said...

The US has a cabinet half the size...and Alberta has no Secretary of Defence or Department of State. All the cabinet posts are conservative pork.

Anonymous said...

The Burger King and her stale buns feasting on an all you can eat taxpayer buffet...How poetic, and how true... Go Wildrose!

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