Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Canada's Own Ozone Hole

We've got everything here.  Now we even have an Arctic Ozone hole.  This article I found on the National Post website claims that Canadian scientists have witnessed a gaping hole in the ozone open up.
The Arctic O-hole

Good grief!  Let me guess: the barren Arctic waste will become a barren Arctic waste, northern peoples will have to stock up on sunscreen for the 5 minutes a year that their skin is exposed to sunshine, and its all because of the Oil Sands.

Well not quite.... yet.

I thought we solved the Ozone problem ages ago.  It was all because of CFCs.  We had a handy replacement chemical for refrigeration and that was that.  Never heard about the Ozone again.

Now I read that a new Ozone hole has quite suddenly opened up in this hemisphere.  The cause this time, and this priceless: "The blame has been pinned on cold temperatures."

I had to find that in a Wired magazine article because the National Post removed any mention cold temperatures in their article.  When I first read the article late Sunday night it did mention abnormally cold temperatures in the Arctic but now it says this:  "[the ozone hole] may be linked to climate change and increasing greenhouse gas emissions."

How?  Why did the article change overnight from citing extra cold as the cause to citing Climate Change (formerly know as Global Warming) as the cause?  I believe I've spotted a warmist editor at the National Post in action.    Commentators at WUWT claim that the CBC did the exact same thing by changing "extreme cold" to "unusual winter weather."  I would also like to know how several news agencies just happen pick up a story that broke back in March of 2011 simultaneously.  Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, and I would add a fourth R: Regurgitate.

I had to know what the warmists were thinking though.  It turns out, their theory of trapped infrared (IR) light in the troposphere (where we live) by CO2 is supposed directly cool the stratosphere (where the ozone lives).  The CO2 essentially starves the stratosphere of IR and saturates that exact same IR into the troposphere in theory.  One photon absorbed by CO2 at the surface is one less photon knocking sparse molecules around 30 km in the air.  They are directly proportional and inversely related.   (the different densities of the 2 zones makes me wonder if they are really directly proportional, some light should go right out to space without hitting anything, but lets assume for now that this mechanism is 1:1 and perfectly efficient)

I don't pretend to be an atmospheric expert but even the warmist surface climate figures I found on the environment Canada website (which I do not trust, they typically work the data until they get the expected results) shows 2011 being cooler than 2010.  The stratosphere temperature is supposed to be directly related to the absence of IR light being trapped in the troposphere.  The observed extreme cold in the troposphere should have been accompanied by corresponding extreme heat if it was cause by CO2 induced Global Warming.  This clearly did not happen in 2011, nor were any catastrophic ozone holes ever noticed in warmer years. 

Coincidentally this also comes at a time when budget cuts are coming to this department at Environment Canada.  Isn't that strange?  This can't possibly be cry for rent could it?  Every warmist article mentions how the cuts couldn't come at a worse time.  hmmm  Alarmists raise the alarm just as budget cuts are about to take hold.  Its obvious this story is a sham.

Its only a matter time before we hear calls to stop the revenue generating Oil Sands to save the ozone and ramp up the money sucking make work programs.  Cut them off and cut them out.  Let Suzuki employ them and add to the economy for once.  

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