Sunday, October 9, 2011

Would the real Tea Party please stand up?

With all the hoopla about Occupy Wall Street and its lesser incarnations, I'd like to hear form the Tea Party.

Are you with Occupy Wall Street or not?  I suspect you are with some of what they are saying now that people are listening (and laughing).  I can't imagine the Tea Party would support Bailouts for Bonuses to the banks who caused the 2008 mess. 

I would imagine, I must imagine since I'm not the Tea Party and can only presume what they would think, that Tea Party would have let the bad banks fail.

The Occupy Wall Street types don't seem to take issue with the monster bailout itself but with the failure of Justice to prosecute those responsible.  Occupy Wall Street would happily nationalize all the corporations and jail all the CEO's because deep down they think capitalism is exploitation.  The usual Marxist bunk.

The Occupy Wall Street kids, or "Anarchists for Big Government," rightly deserve a skeptical analysis and even derision where appropriate.  Many of their supporters have begun to answer serious questions with statements like: "aren't these Tea baggers? They are protesting their tax money going to the financial sector without consequence...isn't that the point to the Tea party?"

Or try this one: "I'm enjoying the double standards Conservatives display with their attitude towards Occupy Wallstreet protests vs. Tea Bagger protests." 

Those are quotes off my Facebook page.

Have you ever heard of Tea Party activists urinating on police cars, getting arrested by the hundreds and attempting to storm museums?  Has the Tea Party ever called for the end of capitalism?    

I've heard the Tea Party accused of many things by people who call them "Tea Baggers."  What comes to mind most readily?  Racists.  

Notice all the children, tucked in shirts and grey hair?  Take a look at Occupy Wall Street again.
Anyone against Obama is a racist.  I'm sure you've come across this if you follow the Tea Party.  The Tea Party get's slapped with racist slurs from day one while Occupy Wall Street is openly anti-semetic.  

We know all about double standards.  The left is one big double standard enabled by partizan calculation on one hand and plain ignorance on the other.

What say you Tea Party?  Are you really the same as the Occupy Wall Street thing?  Speak up please, because if you don't others will on your behalf.   



Anonymous said...

There is a world of difference between the Tea Party and the Wall Street Wierdos. The Tea party wants government to let capitalism work. That means no handouts to big financial institutions on the backs of the taxpayers; that means no handouts to people who got themselves overextended on their mortgages because they though they could leverage their homes into a millionaire lifestyle, paid for by the taxpayers; no more handouts to green energy companies that are simply fronts for big political donators.
The Wall Street protestors want just the opposite; more intervention in the capitalist system by taking money from the industrious and giving it to the indigent; more government money for free education; more spending on social programs.
I'll take door number one.

Alain said...

Kudos to Anonymous who is spot on. Excellent description of the difference.

Thucydides said...

The biggest difference is the OWS "protesters" are astroturfed, read many news accounts and see the SEIU and other union members bussed in to swell the numbers. Videos are starting to appear as well of OWS "protesters" claiming to be paid, although no one yet says who the paymasters are.

The TEA Party movement is rapidly maturing, they have past the street protests and are now busy working on nominating candidates and winning elections. 2010 was the warmup, 2012 will be a huge slap in the face for the Progressive movement and all their useful idiots.

Alex said...

Boy, if there was a movement that needed a slap to the face it was the progressive one.

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