Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Know Your Foe/Ally

PBS Frontline Documentary The House of Saud recounts the creation of Saudi Arabia and the subsequent history of that country into recent times.  The story of the Saudi Royal Family is entwined with the story of Israel, OPEC and the Geo-politics of the middle east that continues today.

This film is 2 hours long but well worth the time.  Relax, make some popcorn and imagine if we had a true public broadcaster like PBS.  The CBC has endless hours dedicated to truther theories and alarmist eco-blather but would never show us relevant information if it counters their agenda.  Knowledge is Power.  Seize that power Citizen and wield it for good.

Canada has displaced Saudi Arabia as the largest single supplier of oil to the US.  Its important to note the seriousness with which the United States views its oil supply, however, there is no chance of an oil embargo imposed by Canada on our closest ally. 

While its true that our Ethical Oil will not limit Saudi Arabia's oil production in any way, our larger role in the oil requirements of the US will further diminish OPEC influence.  The United States will be free to support Israel, even in times of war, with a smaller degree of economic fallout. 

Ethical Oil doesn't carry the hypocrisy that is inherent in doing business with a regime that has no human rights whatsoever and funds terrorism and Islamism.  In the dangerous game of Middle Eastern brinksmanship Ethical Oil may just turn out to be an enabling factor in Israel's survival. 

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