Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Alberta Progressives Suck The Life From Taxpayers

In October Doug Griffiths went to PEI and gave a speech telling people that the oil industry "sucks the life out every other aspect of Alberta."  

Did you misunderstand him?  Of course not.  We understood just fine.  Everyone knows that Alberta's job prospects at 4.3% unemployment are a worker's market.  This can only be bad if you want workers more desperate for work and to pay them less.  Who's life is getting "sucked out" here?  The booming business owner making money hand over fist? They have to treat their employees well or they are gone?  How sad for them.

Doug thinks you heard him wrong though.  So Doug is going to clarify with:

"It's very difficult to hire people in hotels and restaurants or in arts and culture because they can't compete with the wages, which damages the other parts of your economy.

"It's better to have balance. And, you know, it happens to any community where one industry is dominant.

"Then when it's gone, you have nothing left."

This is what goes on in the heads of your elected government in Alberta.  He noticed he said something wrong so he calls it a Wildrose "smear" and then goes and says it again. 

Excuse me Minister Griffiths but extra people making extra money in our province is an inherently good thing.  The Oil Industry pays well.  Other companies and even the government also have to pay well in order to stay competitive.  They find ingenious ways to keep people that don't involve just money.  Employers are making the workplace a joy to be in and providing every other type perk and benefit you could ask for.  To Doug Griffiths this "damages your economy."

Why does this man have anything at all to do with our economy?  He's sees some of the best aspects of it as a detriment.  Up is down and down is up with progressives.  They have nothing to do with progress. 

There is more oil in the oil sands alone than all of the oil used by mankind to date.  Don't you worry your empty little head about the oil Doug.  You worry about the deficit.  What will you PCs do when the Sustainability Fund is gone and you've left us with nothing? 

I have a feeling the answer will be a life sucking PST.  The PC Party sucks the life out of Alberta.


Robert Wood said...

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Unknown said...

The PC government is in full Agenda21 implementation mode. See the Land titles act, illegal gun raids in High River. Ever increasing bureaucratic growth. Regulations for any and everything. Griffiths has just had to apologize for the municipality cock up. Where by jail time could be the result of non compliance with government rules.

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