Monday, November 4, 2013


I can't say I support Rob Ford without actually supporting him.  By that I mean its time to see someone about your addiction problem Mr. Ford.

The difference between addiction and casual use is that the addiction takes precedence over your own life.  An addicted person will purposefully make mistakes that degrade their quality of life to fill an irrational need.  Each mistake is cumulative and can for a time be balanced out with productive activity and the stored wealth of previous years of productive work.  Eventually though the balance is lost and an uncontrolled addiction will lead to a poor and lonely death.

I don't want this for Rob Ford.  I don't think anybody does. 

Wouldn't the Mayor have loved to be laughing and carrying on yesterday instead of apologizing?  Wouldn't he have loved to have proved all those vicious a-holes wrong and become a long adored legendary Mayor of Toronto?

He would have been like Winston Churchill (who also had his vices and enemies).  His round figure would have strode the streets of Toronto in bronze forever. 

Instead Rob Ford put a match to himself that nobody on the left could have arranged better.  These are the actions of an addict.

I don't think he should resign.  I think he needs help.

The drug war is useless.  It does not prevent addiction and it does not reduce crime.  I have no evidence Mayor Ford has done anything morally wrong.  When the Mayor publicly declares he's "smoked a lot" of pot, I believe him and appreciate his admission.  There are a great many people who will never admit as much for as long as they live.  Which is the better person: the fraudulent saints or the honest sinner? 

If anything Rob Ford's substance abuse has exposed hypocrisy on both the left and the right.  One cannot simultaneously hold that Rob Ford's drug use is reprehensible while at the same time lauding Trudeau for it.  Equally hypocritical is the exact opposite; those who support Rob Ford and condemn Justin Trudeau.  When it comes to drugs the only consistent positions are to either forgive Rob Ford and Justin Trudeau or revile them both.

I support Rob Ford.  I'm concerned for Rob Fords health and well being due to his obvious addiction(s).  I know some good hard working professional people who pay their taxes and follow the law but for the irrational drug laws.  All of those people quit using drugs when their employers began drug testing.  They don't agree with prohibition but obviously if they want the job with the big money they have a choice to make.  Addicts are people who can't control these choices. 

Rob Ford was well aware of the perils of the drug users lifestyle in his position as Mayor of Toronto.  I've already forgiven his drug use and drunkenness problems.  The necessary condition, for his own wellness, is to insist on some sort of addiction counselling.  Everyone loves a rise and fall story especially if they can rise again.  Make the comeback Mayor Ford.

Update:  Rob Ford has admitted to using crack. Lying is morally wrong but he has apologized for that too.  He doesn't admit to being an addict which can only mean more addict behavior.  My conditional forgiveness stands.  Seek help or you are sure to disappoint us again.

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