Friday, November 1, 2013

Conservative Party Convention 2013 Keynote Speech by Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Watch it again right here.

The world's best leader today and Canada's best Prime Minister ever!  Go Canada! Go Harper!


UMPCBoy said...

Feel free to assassinate me. I've been a Reform party, CA, and now CPC member. I don't see the fire, the conviction, and the connection with real Canadians that put the CPC into power. I'll still vote CPC, of course, but I strongly feel that the party elite has become detached from the base and from the citizens of Canada.

Go ahead. Assasinate my comment.

Alex F said...

Don't tell me what to do! ;)

I know what is missing. We are the dog that caught the car.

Time for something big. Sell the CBC. Abolish the Senate. Re-introduce Private Health Care. We need to take the next hill.

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