Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rob Ford Vs. GSP

Last Saturday I saw a couple of tweets saying something like: "Lets see Rob Ford vs GSP."  Why not.  Lets line these two fighters up and juxtapose their character in a way Rob Ford might appreciate.

We've heard plenty about Rob Ford, so lets take a look at Georges St. Pierre first.  Here we have the longest reigning UFC World Champion in history.  He's a Canadian and he is probably the most humble champion of any sport.  GSP is a true hero and role model. 

The previous fight against Nick Daiz was the biggest grossing pay per view event of all time.  I remember the class GSP showed during and after that fight that really contrasted with the challenger.  Diaz was bad mouthing him the whole time.  After the fight Diaz couldn't even look at him or speak to him, but GSP showed nothing but class.

Last Saturday GSP technically won the fight.  Two of three judges scored it 48-47 for GSP.  Almost no one else saw it that way.  Even GSP himself thought, acted and spoke as though he lost after the fight was over.  Hendricks, the challenger, may have hit harder but that isn't what judges score on.  Every move that connects is scored.  There is no value and currently no way to measure the force with which each hit connects.  Perhaps if there were wireless accelerometers in the gloves they record the force of a good hit but for now good execution is all that counts.  The only way a fight doesn't go to the judges scorecard is if one opponent is knocked out or taps out. 

I can't but think that if Rob Ford had followed good advise and vanished for a couple of weeks he would still have all his powers as Mayor.  

Watch how GSP handles a severe beating especially at the 2 minutes mark.  If only Rob Ford had said something like that and took off for a couple of weeks.

Instead Rob Ford is going to do it his way.  Its his decision to make.  He has the better view of his situation than I do and I hope he succeeds.  Instead of getting out of the public eye he's hosting a TV show.  He's doing interviews with everyone who wants to talk.  Good Luck!

My late Grandfather loved to play chess.   He would read books on it and play it constantly.  He would even play out momentous chess games by grand masters on his own board to learn from them. 

I remember one game in particular where I made move without a lot of thought behind it.  This was the most interesting game we ever played.  My move was not the smartest move which completely took my Grandfather by surprise.  It wrecked all his plans.  None of the great players made a move like that and me being a novice forced him to change his game plan on the fly.  I still lost the game, but it was fun.

Ford's handling of his mistakes strikes me a lot like that strange move.  There is value in the wild cat move.  It tests established assumptions.  In general it is better to have the enemy reacting instead of acting.  I just hope it works.

Rob Ford could pull out an upset, or more likely he'll just lose.  I don't know how dedicated or how big Ford Nation really is.  Will Ford Nation grow or fade over the next year?  I can't predict.  I know what Rob Ford will predict but I don't think there is any plan here.  He just says and does what comes to mind. 

The other day he said he wants to be Prime Minister.  'Excuse me?'  I thought.  We have now the best most competent and accomplished Prime Minister in our entire history.  We can't even get everyone on our own team to row in the same direction half the time!  How in the hell does Rob Ford think he'll manage to become Prime Minister?  (Is this before or after you become an astronaut?)  Mayor of the 4th largest city in North America is responsibility enough for now.  Turning your entire council against you is a defeat no matter how you cut it.  Political or not.

If Rob Ford is a Nation, then call me a sunshine patriot.

I want him to succeed.  I can't square his actions with my values.  People make mistakes.  People get themselves into trouble.  Some of those people can turn things around and become great once more.

Unfortunately, I have to wait and see that actually happen before I can trust him.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt when this whole crack thing started and now that I've been misled I cannot give it to him again.  Not now.  He's got to earn back that trust.  Anything less would make me into a sucker.


Ted Betts said...

Jason Kenney has now called for his resignation: http://www.nationalnewswatch.com/2013/11/19/ford-a-boon-or-hindrance-to-harper-who-might-need-ford-nation-next-election-2/#.Uovdm8Qsl8E

And Sun News has cancelled his show: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/x/article15511486/

Looks like Ford Villiage ain't what it used to be.

Dennis LeDrew said...

Now I hear that GSP might be hanging it up for a bit because of domestic issues (getting a girl pregnant). If so, that will be the first time in a while that he has actually finished something.

Alex F said...

I don't get it. What else hasn't he finished?

I hear its just a rumor about the pregnant girl. I hope its true though. New life is better than a shiny belt.

Dennis LeDrew said...

The joke was meant to refer to the fact that his fights always goes the distance and he doesn't now do what Dana White extols his fighters not to do - leaving it up to the judges.

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