Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Dog That Caught The Car

Well Done CPC!  Well Done PM Harper.  Well done everyone.
  1. EU Free Trade Deal
  2. End of Long Gun Registry
  3. Getting Canada out of Recession
  4. Stopping the Coalition
  5. Strengthened Military
  6. Strengthened Laws

So what now?  Its a question I've been wondering for a long time now.  Years have gone by since the minority times.  I always trusted that the big brains in the high halls had some kind of plan.  

Its not that they weren't busy.  The EU Trade Deal took years of work to put together and it will take a few more years yet.  It's also a little boring not to mention practically in the bag.  People overwhelmingly support the deal.  There is so much support that even the usual liars are lying about supporting it.

Yawn.  The Base is bored.  We are the Dog that caught the car.  We want the thrill of the heroic challenges we faced down in the past.  We want to do the impossible again.  

In the absence of monumental goals what has filled the vacuum?  Senators and their chronic attendant scandals.  (if there was a 'spit in disgust' punctuation mark I would put it here.)  Like a creeping deadly mold the Senate corrupts all it touches.  That institution has resisted change for over a century.

Let's take down the Senate.  Lets do the impossible again and change the Senate forever.

In fact here is a list of desirable and impossible things the Party can get to work on:

  1. Reform the Senate
  2. Sell the CBC
  3. End all supply management
  4. Make a Taxpayer Bill of Rights 
    • No combination of governments may require a summation of taxes over 50% of any person's income,
    • May not tax naturally occurring molecules essential to life (a life tax)
  5. A National Energy Corridor Act 
    • to join all 3 coasts in specifically zoned energy corridors to facilitate the unimpeded transport of all forms of energy
  6. Legalize Private Health Care

I'm leaving 7 blank.  What would you like to see?

The key thing is that the government needs to get on with it.  Make some waves and take some risks.  We don't need to wait for the election.  We won the election already.  Do it now.

Its ironic that being paralyzed in fear of the next election increases the chance of losing it.  Elections are unpredictable things.  No one should harbor any illusions of the real possibility of losing the next one.

Carpe Diem.


Roy Elsworth said...

7. Get rid of the CRTC and 8> get out of the unitednations

Roy Elsworth said...

7. get rid of the CRTC and 8. get us out of the UnitedNations and 9. help Get Ted Cruz elected in the usa so our usa Canada relation can thrive again. but thats just an option.

Relayer said...

#7: Re-write the Firearms Act. The CPC failed us yesterday, and may never recover.

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