Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Threat To The Species

The amount of scientific and industrial illiteracy in so-called mainstream media is staggering some times.

Take CBC for example.  Their best news program is the Lang and O'Leary Exchange.  I watch it regularly as they cover stories that are actually important and O'Leary is always entertaining. 

Not too long ago Dianne Buckner was hosting for Amanda Lang and she got into it Kevin O'Leary about climate change once again.  It was the standard argument, but at one point Buckner stated that climate change was a "threat to the species!"

Hold on.  How so?  Dianne Buckner is a very smart cookie.  How does she go and say something ridiculous on air like that and get away with it?  The Human Species survived the Ice Ages with nothing more than sticks and pelts.  Civilization flourished during the Roman Warm Period and at least the Arabs did well during the Medieval Climate Optimum. It was warmer than today in both instances.  How is climate change in either direction going to threaten our species? 

She has obviously had this idea drilled into her mind over several years.  Its not just her either.  People hear nonsense like climate change is a threat to humanity and don't think twice.  This is the product of social engineering.  People have been socially engineered to except it as dogma and call people who don't agree all sorts of names. The names hurt far less than the fact that smart people will not apply a tiny bit of logic to their accepted wisdom.

Its a dangerous thing too.  Think of the evil done in the name of national security.  How about the evil done in the name of God?  Incredible evil can be done in the name of the species.  Now here we have environmentalists training smart people to think that their destructive tax and obstruction schemes are for the good of the species.  Nuts.

People need to be challenged on these nonsense axioms.  I recommend doing so gently.  Nobody likes to find out they are being stupid.  Reserve your contempt for the people who are terminally so.

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