Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ford Escort

Has anyone considered what happens to this woman if she is not an escort?
Jennifer Gordon (whose back is to the camera) and some friends ran into Mayor Rob Ford coming along a street near the Esplanade on St. Patrick's Day last year. Allegations have come out about his behaviour that night.

I read somewhere that her mom says she isn't.  She'll never be able to do much else now regardless.  Just another casualty in the carpet bombing of Rob Ford.  Nothing will stand between the grand city of Toronto and her proud dignity.  Not the Ford family and not random people in random photos. 

Is she a prostitute?  I have no idea really.  Maybe she was another extortion setup like the crack video itself. 

Ever seen the movie Trading Places?  Its a classic Christmas movie though its been buried since Obama became president.  In it, these old rich guys decide to totally ruin and destroy the life of a man played by Dan Akroyd.  They do everything to him.  They frame him as a thief, plant drugs on him, even send a prostitute out to embarrass him in front of his fiancé.  (at the same time they elevate Eddie Murphy making it a double fish out of water Christmas story)  At least some of the Rob Ford story is like that. 

The video seen around the world of Ford in a drunken stupor seeming to make threats was actually him doing a wrestler impression around the time he was arm wrestling Hulk Hogan.  All is fair against Rob Ford I suppose (until he throws himself from his office window).  But this escort business could potentially destroy both his family and some random woman's life. 

Giving Rob Ford the benefit of the doubt has had worse than expected results.  Suddenly every allegation is plausible.  He's already admitted to smoking pot, crack and drunk driving.  Why not paying for sex?

This is what lost trust can do.  This is what "my word is my bond" is all about.  One lie and now nothing can be trusted. 

Yet he fights on.  His tenacity is admirable.  He wants the job and the ridicule of an entire world will not make him give it up.  Instead of counselling he's doing a TV show. 

Its unprecedented.  This is unknown political territory.  I can't predict the outcome of the Rob Ford saga.  Odds are that the train wreck will continue, but no embattled politician has ever been given a show before. 

I can't in good conscience support Rob Ford for any public office.  -but I also can't help cheering for him.   I hope he can battle his vices as hard as he battles to keep his job. 


Anon1152 said...

"She'll never be able to do much else now regardless."
- I really hope that's not true. And I think Ford has enough legitimate supporters who'd be willing to offer her a legitimate job. (Hm. Perhaps I shouldn't suggest that "sex work" is "illegitimate"… But… you know what I mean. I hope).

You say the Ford crack video is "a setup". Do you think that Ford has been set up? Did someone "plant" the crack pipe on him? Do you think so?

Ford seems to think that everyone is out to get Ford. People (like you) seem to think that everyone is out to get Ford. And there are certainly "Ford-haters" out there. But his approval ratings are quite impressive (even if you factor in his recent antics).

Rob Ford (and his supporters) need to realize that Rob Ford's worst enemy is Rob Ford.

Rob said...

Turns out the "Escort/prostitute is a former Miss Tourism Toronto,and the daughter of some very well connected people.
Can you say slander lawsuit coming?

Alex F said...

@1152: Everyone IS out to get Ford. The only question is whether he deserves it or not. He smoked crack yes and so he deserves censure for that. I used the word setup to describe entrapment for the purpose of extortion. All completely fair game and ethical to "people like you."

@Rob: Milk the bastards for all they are worth.

Anon1152 said...

Entrapment? Doesn't that suggest that the police were there, tricking Ford into smoking crack? (Is that what you're saying?).

Also… everyone is NOT out to get Ford insofar as you are not out to get Ford. And, quite frankly, I am not out to get Ford either.

Alex F said...

Entrapment is a legal word and I am not using it in the legal sense. I am using it in the common sense, as in a verb: to trap. Ford was trapped, made insensibly drunk for the purpose of stupidly committing a crime for extortion. You don't need to be a cop to entrap someone. The blame can only be laid on Ford. I do pity him though and I despise the crooks who cooked up the scheme.

I'm not everyone, and yes many people are out to get him.

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