Thursday, January 10, 2013

Liberal Biases & Double Standards: Mayor Ford vs. Chief Spence

Never has liberal hypocrisy been so plain and stark when comparing the cases of these two Ontario community leaders.  It is glaringly obvious to even the stupidest among liberal ranks that they and their Media Party are one-sided and biased.  Liberals can do no wrong in their eyes while anyone else can only do wrong.

Lets start with Rob Ford, the favorite pinata of the hypocrites.  Even before his election the media unfairly did everything they could to stop him.  They were just getting warmed up.
Paparazzi like they chased him around his house and in his driveway.  They even chased him to KFC while on a diet in hopes of shaming him.  Who among us hasn't struggled with their weight? 

Rob Ford almost lost his Mayorship thanks to a well heeled liberal antagonist who sponsored a court case against him.  Apparently its illegal in Toronto to use city stationary  to solicit  funds for charity.    Then after he voted on a motion to overrule the silly bylaw he was convicted of conflict of interest.  Gotcha!  Only they didn't get him.  The duly elected Mayor almost got booted but he won a stay and is now appealing. 

The oh so tolerant and righteous liberals tried to trap him in some more lawfare.  It failed completely this time getting thrown out of court. 

Now on to Theresa Spence the Chief of the Attawapiskat Reserve.  Her reserve belongs in a  Sub-Saharan slum, not in Canada.  Meanwhile Chief Spence rides around her shanty town in her Cadillac Escalade.  In Ottawa she rents a full tint Hummer with seats that have screens embedded in them.  Its more of a private limousine than an expensive SUV.    I would not be surprised if it had a mini-bar. 

Of course that isn't the worst of it. They make Brewster's Millions look easy.  An audit found that out of $100 million that taxpayers sent to this reserve 80% is not properly accounted for.  80%!  Her boyfriend is the bankrupt book keeper of the reserve who is paid $850 a day to misplace records for 80% of  $100 million dollars worth or spending. 

Can you imagine the apoplectic indignation and rage form the liberal hypocrites if Rob Ford had pulled that?  Imagine!

I confess I've never been to Attiwapiskat and I don't know the issues facing Rob Ford and if he is handling them well or not.  I can't know with the skewed coverage the liberal media gives us.  We can't trust them.  They are focused purely on swaying my opinion against the Mayor and for the Chief.

Over the past month you got to see how these two-faced liberal hustlers don't actually care about the letter of the law.  They easily excuse the crimes and corruption of one of their anti-Harper sweet hearts like Chief Spence.  Almost simultaneously they 'nickel and dime' a budget minded white guy like Mayor Rob Ford for the sole purpose of evicting him from office.

It's detestable and unseemly to be so shamelessly hypocritical.  Joe Clark, Justin Trudeau, Paul Martin, Carolyne Bennett and the media who blindly cover these blind fools are as much at fault for native problems and the natives themselves.  Their war on the Harper Government enables incompetence like Spence's.

Chief Spence should run for Liberal leader.  She fits right in with the hypocritical grits.
UPDATE: Just saw Stephen Taylor posted this on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Charlie Angus from the NDP...quote..." That's BULL S_ _T."
This was said by him when confronted on the $250,000 Spence and boyfriend Kennedy's monthly income.If it was a Conservative Angus would be howling bloody murder and asking for a resignation and an inquiry. Now he's MIA.It's all about the VOTES, not the poor people in his riding that apparently he hasn't bothered to talk about. BLAME HARPER for his incompetance as an MP for Attawaspikat for nearly 10 years.

Jen said...

First off: " Did Gerald Kenedy repay his loans to EC when he was in the federal liberal party?

The canadian media will one day fall on their own swords, look at the way the media is treated by the liberals or by the ndp and even by Teresa Spence, especially after the media worked long and hard to help them discredit this gov and the taxpayers.

Not one reporter at CBC CTV etc CAN EVER STAND UP FOR CANADA AND THE PUBLIC against militan groups, liberals and ndp because they the media will LAUGHED AT by those same militans which the medias endorse support- anything that will help bring down the CPC GOV even if it is to bring down THE ENTIRE COUNTRY TO HER KNEES.

Take a look at Crux of the Matter blog at the achievements made by the PM HARPER concerning the NATIVES.

Jen said...


The NDP WANTS and have been avocating for the 'Shut of oilsands, pipelines, moratorium in every port, redistributing of wealth and so on.

Sounds to me that they (ndp) too want Canada economy to fall as well.
All the wealth the militan media like CBC CTV have to do is continue kissing ass with the devil to maintain their position while watching innocent souls the public purse is abused to their leisure.
Will any of those reporters stand with Canada against those who want to destroy Canada-NOT IN PRICKING PLACE IN HELL.

Anonymous said...

Yes she rides around the reserve in a cadillac but the vehicle with the screens in the headrests is an Ottawa rented Hummer. I doubt that Spence actually has a driver's licence. Don't need one on the reserve.

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