Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Where's Mulcair?

It's not that anyone really misses the guy but it's surprising that the leader of the Official Opposition isn't acting Oafish.  It's not like him.

He wrote an open letter back in December to the Prime Minister about Idle No More.  It had the usual forgettable nonsense that pervades such letters.  Mulcair probably didn't even write it but since then Attawapiskat has got his tongue. 

You have to wonder why?

Look at this parade of tools to visit with Chief Escalade:

  • Shiney-Poney (Justin Trudeau)
  • Runs-With-Money (Paul Martin)
  • Joke-Lark (Joe Clarke)
  • Big-Tobacco (Corlyne Bennett)
  • + plus some other attention craving MP's and Senators
No Mulcair.

Come on ya racist.  Don't you know First Nations trump Separatists?  The Quebec Nationalists/Socialists of the NDP will look the other way.    

What's a faux scandal without some bearded jowl shaking indignation?

You know for the rest us regular normal people it makes perfect sense to want to stay quiet about this hunger strike hoopla.   We see all people as born equal.  We don't see why some people should have a special status at all.  Some Natives seem to have it especially good and others especially bad because of a trick of law and heritage.  We wonder why it should exist at all?  

But this crime of actually thinking we should be equal is racism.  I pity anyone who still buys the liberal progressive liberal studies bull crap.  Its a crime to teach insanity.  Its a shame that some ingest it. 


Anonymous said...

MulClair didn't have to show his face at the teepee...he sent all his NDP caucus...Charlie Angus was leading the charge...then after the audit came out , Angus went missing in action and they sent in Dewer to tell us that they didn't like the "timing" of the report...no mention that the NDP knew about it since Spence had it since September and the Govt. had to release it in 90 days. Why do you think Angus carted Spence off to ottawa?

Anonymous said...

Where is Mulclair?
My guess is Spence ate him.

Alex said...

Smiling Jack would have been there first.

The other tools are of no consequence.

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