Saturday, January 12, 2013

Harper's Graciousness Trumps Idle's Tantrums

Chief Spence got her wish yesterday. Stephen Harper met with the Chiefs and so did the Governor General. Harper handles the business end and Jonston handles the cocktail party. That is how this country works. It doesn’t matter if Chief Spence doesn’t like it or doesn’t understand it. (though I do hope she likes the hors d'oeuvres I was made to buy her.  They qualify as snacks.)
The melodrama acted out by some Indian people involved in Idle No More is repulsive. Chief Spence plans to continue her “hunger strike”.  Let’s hope she goes all year, inventing new demands as each one is met. 
One notable mistaken exaggerator claims Harper is involved in “genocide”.  Yeah genocide.  Think about the anti-Harper media for a second and ask yourself if Harper could get away with even saying a word that rhymes with genocide? 
The people on the tantrum side of this issue are doing something much worse than making a poor hyperbole with their racial mass blood libel.  They are devaluing the horrors against the victims of real genocide.  Worse, by ‘crying wolf’ it makes it easier for their Iranian allies to commit an actual genocide.  
Conversely, it’s heartening to see the humility and graciousness shown by this responsible government.  All of this is in face of threats and provocations.  We sent them to Ottawa to do the hard things and its awe inspiring to see it done so well. 
Chief Atleo also deserves our thanks.  It’s a relief to see that Chief Spence and other crazies don’t represent the majority of kind and decent aboriginals.
Many 2nd class Canadians are getting annoyed with the silliness of  Idle No More threats however.  Either they take us for fools or they are fools (probably some combination of both).  They must realize that there are real limits to what the taxpayer will put up with.  Neither the Canadian economy nor Canadian sovereignty is up for negotiation.   
We have to make sure that last resorts are kept to the very last.  There is no need or desire for the rights of the State to be enacted.  We have to be very careful that does not come to pass.  There are enemies of our Confederation outside and inside that wish exactly that on us.  So mind your rhetoric please. 
There is no doubt that millions of Canadians would rise in defence of Canada at a word from the Prime Minister.   Millions of Canadians would have nothing better to do if some of these threats actually came to pass.   We must also recognize that this is the worst case scenario.  It’s a disaster that should be avoided at all but the cost of our prosperity and sovereignty. 
Again I applaud the Harper Government for its calm and rational approach to this matter.  They should be commended for their  responsible commitment to the wellbeing of all Canadians of every background and ethnicity.  Thank you for your skill and competence.


Anonymous said...

Well good it’s about time! I think that Canada should make every effort to appease the First nation’s people and give them what they want. Why you ask? Simple. Canada is a liberal nation that lacks the fortitude to stand up to any vocal minority be it religious, immigrant or Native Indian. I mean we make every effort to protect and comfort the religious minority such as omar khadr our proud child soldier and his family. This piece of sh** khadr and his family openly hate Canada and they are only one of hundreds of thousands if not millions of Muslims refugees and immigrants that our government embraced. So until we elect a government that has balls enough to stand up to whinny little monitory groups, whether it’s abortion and women rights or gay rights and marriage, I suggest that all those Canadians who call themselves Conservatives just suck-it-up!

Patsplace said...

There is no doubt that millions of Canadians would rise in defence of Canada at a word from the Prime Minister.

Count me in!!

bertie said...

Yes nearly 8 years of hell for the opposition and MSM.And may they both rot in it for many more years.As far as PM Harper,he is a one of a kind leader,he does not need accolades,and does not need thanks,he has a family and a lovely loving wife and that is all he needs.He is head of a country that does not respect him,but he is a leader whom the rest of the world loves.What a sad state of affairs that we allow our press and opposition parties to participate in this confederation all the while trying to destroy it.A well deserved standing ovation to PM Harper,God bless him and his party

E Mac said...

A very sensible post and how true it is.
The opposition parties would have promised the world and nothing gets done for another long time.
An excellent decision by the PM.


Alex F said...

Jeremy: Its the Media Party we are appeasing. No sense getting worked up about it. Its like try to splash yourself a wave to surf on. We'll know when the time is right to act.

Patsplace: Me too.

Bertie: I doubt the PM reads this blog. I can't stand people who need thanks. Its like "thanks, thanks, now get one with it please." Harper is the right man for the job and it has nothing at all to do with anything I have to say.

I'm declaring my thankfulness. I thank you too and myself while I'm at it. Together we are good and right and that makes us great.

E Mac: :)

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