Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nothing to Lose in Forcing an Election

An election is inevitable now.  The sad calculation of the Liberal Party is that they have nothing to lose by forcing one.  How could it get any worse for them?  They are doing worse than Stephane Dion ever did and that is very bad indeed. 

In fact, losing an election has several side benefits for the Liberal Party.  Losing an election means they get to dump Micheal Ignatieff.  I don't believe there is a real mechanism to replace Iggy if he doesn't resign.  As we saw with Stephane Dions replacement, the shadowy back room can simply appoint a leader and then hold a mock leadership election where nobody runs against him.

I'm sure Iggy intends to be PM for his own reasons but the Liberal Party would be happy to close the book the opposition leader whatever the outcome. 

The other reason the Liberal Party benefits from losing an election is for the $1.95 per vote election subsidy.  This electoral welfare is not only bad for democracy and the taxpayers, it favors large old lazy parties.  Liberals have had problems raising money ever since their big corporate cronies were barred from making huge donations.  Without a cash incentive among other things the Liberal Party have since moved left hopping to cash in on the NDPs union fundraising bonanza.  Without the vote subsidy, the Liberals will not be able to pay their bills or service their ballooning debts. 

The total cost of this unnecessary and useless election will be $350 million.  You are being dragged to the polls to remove the Liberal Leader and to involuntarily postpone Liberal bankruptcy.  This whole exercise of faux scandals and lame threats is nothing more selfish internal politics.  The Liberals regard the Canadian Taxpayer as nothing more than cash machine where in minority situations can make withdrawals any time. 

Canadians have to stop this wasteful merry-go-round of endless elections.  All Conservatives have to do is give them a good reason to do so.  When the opposition forces an election this time lets make them regret it.  Lets bring out the big game and give them something to vote for not just against.  We've had enough elections.  Each of them represents a brand new Ice Breaker built here in Canada.  The country needs the Conservative Party to do such a good job that we don't have to do this again for 5 years.  Do your part to help them.  Fortune favors the bold.  The party needs boldness.  The Country needs boldness.  The world needs Canadian boldness.  Be bold (and mighty forces will come to your aid). 


Anonymous said...

There is a chance that if the Liberals do very poorly they may fold up shop.

People join the Liberal Party to win. If it is clear that they can no longer expect to then why sign up.

They could find themselves a regional party with only decent support in the city of Toronto and a few seats in Montreal.

The Libs are taking a huge risk IMO.

Roy Elsworth said...

lets knock the liberals down to 2 seats and the ndp to 4 seats and nock the Block so they don't have official party status.

fernstalbert said...

The Liberals are too broke to have a leadership contest - so we'll have a national election instead. Millions wasted but think of the media exposure for potential candidates. I think Ignatieff wants this election for personal reasons - he will resign with grateful relief - this is his "get outta Ottawa" card. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to see the Coalitions "Ethics and democracy" go to the CPAC archives.It was a total disgrace of a coalition party not interested in figures from the Govt.but POWER to take over the elected Govt. once again.The coalition put in a 2 page motion disregarding ALL the 2 days of testamony from witnesses. This has never been done before. The maggot left in this country are using their power in committee to abuse the Govt. of Canada.This is a media and coalition plan of taking POWER. It is revolting, disgusting and I am livid. This is MY Canada

Craig Smith said...

I hope the election comes in a couple of weeks. The later it comes the more time we will have Sun News on our side to counteract the rest of the liberal press.

Anonymous said...

I have a question.
It has been my understanding that in order to bring a government down on a vote of non-confidence it had to be a money bill. How then if this is true, is the Coalition going to defeat the government on "ethics"?

Alex said...

@ anon1: always possible, but they won't dry up completely. Look how long it took to take out the PC's after that stunning defeat.

@ Roy: right on I'm with you.

@ fernstalbert: Its despicable.

@ Anon2: seen. disgusting.

@ Craig Smith: With the cries of bias already you have to wonder if they are going to go hard on Harper to shut them up.

@ Anon 3: I have no idea. I thought so too but I assume the Coalition knows what its doing. Milican't is supposed to be some kind of parliament nerd from out of the womb so I figure the threat is real.

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