Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Uber-Left Liberal Party

So it's an election then.  You can't really expect rational decisions from socialists.  No matter how you cut it, the election is still between left and right.  Either the Liberals dominate the left, or they form a Coalition.  The numbers are possible.  We are constantly reminded that most Canadians didn't vote Conservative in 2008 and 2006.  2011 may well be the year the Conservatives break through.

The only way the Liberal Party can dominate is to get NDP voters.  The only way to do that is to steal NDP ideas.  Its clear they have abandoned the center for the slim pickings on the left.  The far left is already inhabited by three other parties. 

This is an excellent strategy... for the Conservatives.  Micheal Ignatieff has never failed to disappoint the Conservative movement and we can count on him again.  

Poor old Jack Layton has been outflanked.  His biggest chance was with a larger voice in a Coalition government.  He went along with the Liberal plan to delegitimize the Coalition and will now be slaughtered as the Harper haters buy into the Liberal Uber-Left party.  A severely humbled and leaderless NDP will make a very pliant Coalition partner if they survive at all.  Perhaps the beaten leftover dregs of the NDP will simply join their voters in the Liberal Party in the end.  We might be rid of the NDP altogether.  They are the going-nowhere-doing-nothing Party.  Just another wasted vote similar to voting Green or Bloc.

Yes, I believe the Liberals are capable of out-socializing the NDP.  In doing so they effectively become the NDP.  They have been known to lie their faces off to get elected but blue liberals have to ask themselves if the Liberals are really kidding with their promises. 

Regular Canadians will have to ask themselves if they can afford tax & spend, lie, tax & spend some more Uber-Left Liberals.  No one can be sure what is a lie and what isn't so you just have to take their promises at face value and guess how bad it would really be.

In contrast, the Harper Government has spearheaded the global recovery by reducing taxes at all levels and wisely implementing the Economic Action Plan.  While being mired in minority parliament shenanigans, this government has enabled Canadians to pull off an economic miracle unseen in history.  We'll never know what heights we could have reached without opposition obstruction.

The opposition's foolhardy lust for power has led over the years from shenanigans to outright brinkmanship.  This week is the culmination of kangaroo contempt committees and confidence threats that has been ugly other side of these excellent years of good government.  For the glory of the parliament they purport to respect so much, they intend to shut it down.  While our CF-18's fly in combat and our Japanese allies struggle with disaster our government stands wrongfully accused of contempt.  It will be the first contempt motion in our history and it is simply because Stephen Harper has held this minority parliament together for longer than any other in history.

Let's be clear, if they mean to say contempt of the opposition, then its guilty as charged for my part. 

These shenanigans have got to stop.  Now is probably the worst time, but Liberals never really cared about this country.  We will prevail because Canadians know who can best lead them.  Conservatives will win a majority, not because their entitled to it, but because they are the best team for the job.  It's a difficult and often thankless job but Conservatives are just good at it.   On Election Day Vote Conservative!  

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