Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Biggest Losers are the NDP

The string of good polling for the Conservative Party over shadows the other story.  While Liberals might be bleeding support to the CPC, the NDP seems to be bleeding support to the Liberals.  The Liberal hostile take over of the left wing vote seems to be having some limited success.  Its working only because they have publicly shunned their merger or Coalition.

Ignoring the big picture, its a decent move for the Liberals to disavow any knowledge of a coalition and veer left.  For the NDP its stupid and suicidal.  The NDP will never form a majority or minority government federally.  It is simply impossible.  The only hope for the NDP to ever get into government is with a Coalition.

So why haven't they been pushing the Coalition?  Its strange to me.  Who cares what Iggy has to say.  Jack could just talk about Coalition options, what they would do for socialism when in government etc..  Canadian voters have always been more strategic than loyal on the left.  True socialists suddenly supporting crony capitalists and limousine liberals in the Liberal Party is an entirely strategic shift.  Whatever is going on behind closed doors, these naive socialist voters have lost faith in a coalition and lost faith in the NDP.

Tactically, the NDP should be loudly trumpeting the Coalition.  Iggy is irrelevant and destined to be replaced sooner or later.  Jack may as well assume the figurehead of the Coalition.  If combined Liberal and NDP seats exceed the CPC through some tragedy, then wouldn't those socialist voters want the NDP to have a larger say in the Coalition?  More votes to the NDP mean more seats and a stronger position in an NDP-Liberal Coalition government.

Instead they let the Liberals eat their lunch yet again.  Its hilarious and incomprehensible.  Maybe they are just strategically clueless, but a better analogy keeps standing up in my mind.  I'm reminded of Joseph Stalin's position late in the non-aggression pact with Hitler.

During WW2 Hitler's National Socialist regime made a non-aggression pact with Stalin's Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  Hitler's great double cross of invading the USSR was code named Operation Barbarossa.  As the Nazis built up hundreds of thousands of troops for the invasion, the British repeatedly cabled Stalin about the impending invasion.   He didn't believe them.  Anything coming from the British was a trick in Stalin's view.  Socialist idiot.  Stalin was even given the exact date of the invasion and didn't lift a finger to stop it.  Hitler even wrote about it a years prior in Mien Kempf.  Just how stupid do you have to be to call yourself a socialist?  The invasion was stupid, and the response to it was stupid.

The battle between the Grits and Dippers is Stupid on stupid.  It's reminiscent of the Nazis and Soviets.  The Conservatives in this analogy are the British.  The CPC has told everybody about the Coalition.  The only reason I can see that the NDP won't take advantage of a public Coalition stance is because it's the CPC exposing it.  Their hatred for the CPC blinds them.  They are content to be the biggest losers.  It doesn't matter to me either way, but I still shake my head and laugh at the NDP.

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