Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Leftist Myth of Capitalism and Greed

Before we clean the Liberals clock at the polls, I'd like to smash the greed myth into its constituent elements. 

Lefties seem to think that Capitalism is greed.  They believe that self-interest, the universal motivator, is actually greed.  Because they label it greed they believe that it is bad.  To be interested in ones self and well being is wrong in their view.  If that were true the Soviet Union would have had no crime at all.

We can play this game too.  If Capitalism is Greed then surely Socialism is Envy and Sloth rolled into one.   Capitalism and Socialism are none of these things.  The classic cardinal virtues and sins are the usual works of a fair or wicked heart.  They have nothing whatsoever to do with the style of Government a person may live in. 

The opposite of greed is charity and charity cannot be coerced.  There is no goodness in the act of giving when one is forced to give.  Charity is only charity when it is freely given.  The idea that taxes are charity is ridiculous.  Taxes are involuntary and therefore show nothing of your character.  The good and the evil are both required to pay.  Is an evil man good if he pays taxes?  Can a good man claim any more responsibility for a government handout than for a wrongful conviction?

I'm sure you could find socialists and capitalists that display all 7 sins or virtues.  In fact there is just as much or more greed to be found in China or Cuba as you could find anywhere else.  The charity found in the United States dwarfs that of all other countries. 

Lets just put another socialist mind trick in the bio-hazard bin shall we?  Capitalism is not greed  and Socialism is no virtue.  One idea favors individualism while the other favors collectivism.  One idea draws ingenuity from chaos while making new ideas nimble and efficient.  The other seeks order and security through homogeneity and routine.  One evolves while the other stagnates.  One is the true hope for mankind, while the other is a cage to wither the spirit of man.  Capitalism is good, while Socialism is.... you know what it is.


Anonymous said...

It’s very hard to improve upon that post…would only add that another reason why progressives have a collective plan for us is that they don’t think we’re smart enough to have the self interest to look after ourselves. The recent NPR tapes identify what a bigoted view of conservatives the progressives hold.

The progressive elite think they have to plan things for us peasants and then they rent seek for doing so. Ironically the progressives suffer from so much envy they conclude that as long as their plan redistributes our own wealth equally amongst us peasants, then properly "equalized", we will be mollified enough to behave and know our place; i.e. subordinate to the elite.


Anonymous said...

"They believe that self-interest, the universal motivator is actually greed "

Who are you to speak on behalf of the Universe ?

There are clearly elements of both Capitalism and Socialism in all of us, its just a matter of degree. Its axiomatic that most people are somewhere in the middle.

At the moment though, those on the right-wing of Capitalism in the West have helped widen the gap between rich and poor.

Alex said...

I am who I am. I am an observer. If you wrote to me out of your self-dis-interest I advise you to seek help.

Your remark on the gap between rich and poor is invalid. Its actually a common lefty statement which is entirely wrong and another myth.

Its a myth because the poor very routinely become rich. Young people are often below the poverty line and they very often, so often that its the norm, become rich, home owning, car owning, family of their own supporting people. This leftarded complaint about the gap (not the poor but gap itself) is ridiculous. They assume that the poor and rich are segments of society that never mix. Rich people become poor as well. The gap between rich and poor is a totally irrelevant! Most people are rich. Even the definition of poor is not really poor with surveys showing that poor people usually have a cell phone and a big screen TV.

Come off it, Lefty Idiots of the World.

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