Sunday, March 27, 2011

FNU Local # 999

We're the Federal Nannies Union Local 999.  We're entitled to your children and their expert care.  You see parents have been raising evil conservatives who cause all the problems.  We are here to put a stop to it.

We are the cradle department of cradle to grave socialism.  When you have a child, you give them to us.  We'll teach them everything while you work to pay us in taxes.  We can never be fired, but if you elect people who cut our numbers we'll make sure you lose your job too.  We'll strike if you touch our entitlements and you'll be forced to stay home and be an illegal nanny scab. 

Ambition-less proles fit best into our Great Society.  When we find an intelligent individual, its our job to break them down and teach them there is no hope but The System. 

It all started Back in 2011 when Count Ignatieff courageously broke his promise and formed the Socialist Party, a coalition with the Bloc, NDP, MSM and the Greens....Happy April Fools ;)

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