Saturday, March 26, 2011

Celebrating Human Achievement: 8:30 - 9:30 tonight

This year I'm celebrating Human Achievement Hour (HAH).  I am just as much against wasting energy for no reason as I am against forgoing energy use for a silly symbolic gesture.   I won't be wasting any energy during Human Achievement Hour.  Instead I'll be running all the appliances I can for a useful purpose.  The only difference is that I'll be doing these things at a specific time to "vote" against Earth Hour.

I'll be doing things like ironing and watching HD PVR while tumble drying my clothes, running the dishwasher and charging my phone.  (Yes I'm a riot on Saturday night, but I work in the morning)  After that I'll vacuum and use one of my all time favorite electrical appliances: the Steam Mop.

The Steam Mop uses electricity to turn water into steam and then pushes it out through a reusable fitted pad at the business end.  The steam sterilizes as it cleans so there is no need for sloppy buckets and chemicals.  No chemical smell.  No skin irritation.  No unknown health effects that might take a lifetime of exposure before they surface.  I know I sound like a commercial but that is Human Achievement and environmental intelligence.  That is what its all about.

Earth Hour isn't just a silly symbolic gesture.  Its a holy day for a backwards and anti-human ideology that is more religion than philosophy.  In the darkness the eco-nuts indoctrinate impressionable minds and teach them that good is only found in the absence of human endeavors.  They teach that technology is the source of evil and that light itself is abhorrent.  Earth Hour is not about conservation.  Earth Hour is darkness.

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Anonymous said...

You know what really boggles my mind?
What human on this earth is REALLY in favor of taking civilization back several hundred years? Who wants to live in a cold, dark cave and have nothing? That is what the Green Weenies want- we should all stop burning fossil fuels(!) So that means no power(can't go nuclear, hydro destroys large swaths of habitat.. don't get me started on wind, solar, geothermal),and no mechanized transportation(see above).
When the Green Movement collectively abandons civilization as we know it and returns to caves and foot power then I'll pay them some respect. They'll never be heard, though, because to get their message out requires the use of resources.
Until then they can take their damned Earth Hour and bugger it.

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