Friday, March 11, 2011

Liberal Senator convicted of FRAUD

Raymond Lavigne must immediately resign from the Senate.  This unelected Liberal Senator has been found guilty of stealing $10,120.50 from the voters and taxpayers in bogus travel claims.  He has also been convicted of using federal employees to cut down 60 trees on his personal property at no cost to him.

The truth comes out again.  This is a real court with a real judge laying down a real criminal conviction for taking real money from real people.  This is not a contemptuous kangaroo parliament handing out prima facie rulings.  (primo fishy more likely)

Raymond Lavigne should go to jail.  MPs and Senators are supposed to be held to a higher standard.  Its even worse when the dirt bag Liberal Party has been slagging our good government for weeks on phony charges.  How does an inappropriate letterhead stand up next to this?  How does the famous NOT on a ministers memo stand up to this?  How does spending party money before it was illegal stand up to this?

The Liberal party is corrupt joke!  Its obvious now they have been playing up their faux scandals to play down the real scandals those crooks, cheats and liars that call themselves Liberals are guilty of.  This kind of thing is routine for the Liberals.  They wave away the Adscam as if they made a mistake with the wrong letterhead or something.  They lied when they said they would pay back the money they stole the first time around and now we find them stealing again.  When I say we, I mean the Judge found them guilty in a criminal court.

The vile and putrid Liberal scum make me ill.  It's so much worse for them to have been playing the high principals and morals act while one of their slime balls sits in court.  The Liberals haven't learned a single thing from the Sponsorship Scandal.  Nothing has changed.  They the same old two-faced, cash-stuffed-envelope, crooks we all hate.

Not, only do they lie and steal and cheat but they are also completely irresponsible and selfish.  In order to get rid of their lame appointed leader Micheal Ignatieff, they intend to force a $350 million dollar election on the taxpayer.  We could buy a brand new Ice-breaker for that money.  Liberals are also deep in debt and will use the per vote $1.95 party welfare to stay afloat.

Now look at the shrinking deficit that will be revealed on March 22nd.  The Economy under Stephen Harper's stewardship has been like a rocket.  This is why they are in a rush to hold a non-confidence motion before the Budget.  They can't handle it.

Who can't see the naked ambition and avarice that the Liberal party represents?  Their every word, every thought, every act is motivated by greed and lust for power.  They don't care what it costs the country or what it costs you.   They are here to get rich on your back and lord it over you.  They are in it for themselves.

Crook number one Raymond Lavigne must immediately resign from the Senate.  The voters should pass a similar judgment on all Liberals come election day.


Anonymous said...

Amen brother Amen.

Bob Devine said...

To bad this had to come down now when every news agency in the country is totally committed to the disaster in Japan. (As they should be) By the time all that is over this will just be yesterdays news.

CK said...

You're adament about overlooking any and all Con transgressions but can't let go of ADSCAM.

Truth is, if all those latest Con transgressions were committed by Liberals,you'd be screaming for their head on a silver platter. Likewise, if the Cons were involved with ADSCAM, you'd overlook it in a nano second.

Spare us the hypocrisy.

Alex said...

@ Anon: :)

@ Bob: Japan reminds us about serious issues. It can happen here. It did happen. Really makes this stupidness look petty. Fraud is fraud earthquake or not.

@CK: Am I? How do you know this exactly? I never let Mulroney off the hook. -but that party is dead as all progressive movements should be.

I could let go of ADSCAM if I didn't know anotehr ADSCAM is waiting if those clowns ever took the writ. (God help us)

Hypocracy? Hypocracy. YOU are calling ME a hypocrit over this. Thats really rich. Tell me again how wrong a letterhead is? Whats next Harper bent a paperclip? You lefties are really amazing. Go on, defend the fraudster. I want to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Mansbridge(CBC) couldn't choke out the word LIBERAL senator tonight on the National.

The Liberal Party knows only one thing: Double standards and hypocrisy.

The Conservatives are IN because of the economy and the Coalition are OUT because of their gutter levels of activity.

Great hit a home run on this one.

Anonymous said...

The senator(LIBERAL) just made the 199 reasons not to vote Liberal go up to 200

Anonymous said...

There are other Liberal scumbags lurking under the surface that have not seen their crimes to light and remain unpunished. The Liberal Party needs to be purged. They are a blight on our democracy.

Louise M.

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