Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Iggy Promises a Million Billion Dollars Without Raising Taxes

Count Ignatieff gaffes nicely for us this fine Tuesday morning.  He promises "a million billion dollars" for students "without raising taxes," in this video.  (that's 1000 trillion dollars by North American convention) 

This video makes an important point.  The Coalition Parties can make all the crazy promises they want.  None of them will get a majority on their own.  They will never have to live up to their individual campaign promises.  They will never have to live up to their collective promises either, because a Coalition will negate the entire campaign of each participant.

You could just imagine the press conference: "Well we had to give up on the million billion dollars and raise taxes because Finance Minister Layton made it a Coalition condition."  They can literally promise the moon because they will never have to give it to you.

The only real promises are Conservative ones.  You can count on the Count's hidden agenda to raise the GST and impose a Carbon Tax.  They all want it, but they won't say it.

I'm sure it was a mistake.  It's what Iggy does best after all and wild promises are the Liberal domain.

Stephen Harper was the one who lowered the GST, not the Liberals like they promised.  Stephen Harper led us through the Great Recession while saving us each thousands of dollars.  Go ahead, figure out how much the GST cut saved you since it came about.  Thousands of dollars each!  Real ones.  Money that is in your pocket today.  Its not some promise that will never actually happen.  Conservative promises are right there in your life all around you.


Bert said...

That sounded like "a billion billion" to me.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ha-ha!! Great catch. Well done.

Fred said...

What he is saying, his hidden agenda, is to cancel the F-35 aircraft acquisition, take the $1 billion a year away from DND and use it to give free stuff to other people who don't deserve it.

Anonymous said...

It seems quite obvious to me that he stumbled. He said "million", realized he misspoke, and attempted to correct himself by saying "billion."

Anonymous said...

hmm!!!! a million billion that is a 1000 trillion WOW
love it love it good work

Anonymous said...

What about his gaffe (or Freudian slip) on Saturday where he said he was demacratic from the bottom of his feet to the top of his toes? That leaves a lot of wiggle room on anything he says!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes anon 4:13, since conservatards don't even know what democracy is, nobody is expecting you to spell it correctly either. Bravo. The wiggle room is in your pants so you don't sound so muffled whilst talking out your ass.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:07 PM

You are just like a Global Warmest/Climate Changer; even though you can hear with your own ears, you will not admidt that you are wrong. I suggest that you listen to it over and over until you can actually "hear" what he said. You win the Trudeau/Liberal salute of the day.

Clown Party said...

Not one smile on faces of students present .... They know they are nothing but props. How low will Biffy go?

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 7:07
I apologise for misspelling democracy. You see I have a slight vision problem and dyslexia and often miss words spelled wrong. Thanks for pointing this out, I will try to do better.

Alex said...

@ Bert: what does it matter?

@ Joanne: thanks

@ Fred: Who the heck knows? Liberals have been known to totally rip their own promises to shreds and do military purchases in the absolute worst way possible. No abortion of reason is off the table with these guys.

@ Anon 1:41: Actually I just reviewed it again its not obvious at all. Only the sheer size of his mistake makes it obvious. This is what we call a gaffe.

@ Anon 7:07: I wondered about censoring your comment since I explicitly asked that commentators be respectful. Instead I'll leave you where you are as an example of the intolerant left we've come to know. Machines can spell check well enough and I still find errors in the work of elitist authors. Come back when you have something intelligent to add.

@ Anon 6:34: Right on brother, you tell him.

@ Clown: Not a single smile in the lot.

@ Anon 7:47: You can get a spell checker for you browser my friend. There are free add-ons for IE and Firefox has one built in: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/features/#
Don't let these self important twits get you down. They have nothing to say so they pick on your spelling. In person they'd make fun of your hair or weight or wife or kids or whatever... Anything but the actual ideas. Keep it up.

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