Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Loving the new Ads

I'm really happy with both Ads released by the Conservative Party of Canada recently.  The one I like most is the steady-as-she-goes ad.  This is one I can show my mom.

Aren't they great mom?  They're looking after us and our country.  I'm proud of our Conservative Party.  We really could not have done better over the last few years and the world is changing every day.  We need a Stephen Harper at the wheel.

The second ad cuts clean to the truth.  "Take a hike," is the only Liberal promise you can count on.  I'm not just saying that.  Watch it.  Show me a Liberal who can deny it.  There is no denying that Liberals are after higher taxes.  This is their method.  Everyone knows it and their only plan is to confuse and obfuscate it.  They admit they want to raise taxes, so just imagine what they have up their sleeves for you?  Dion taught them a lesson they won't soon forget.  You know there are nasty tax hikes they won't dare tell you about.  GST/HST hike, Green Shift, Carbon Tax, oh its on the table right next to the envelopes yet to be stuffed with cash for cronies.  You know it.

Well done team.  Very well done.  Thank you.

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Fay said...

I agree with you! I am looking forward to watching these news ads during the Brier on TSN.

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