Saturday, March 26, 2011

The First Liberal Lie

The first Liberal promise of the 41st election has been released.  On the heels of the first gaffe, Micheal Igantieff has promised no Coalition of Losers.  First he promised a Blue door and a Red door when asked about a coalition, but while the Count slept his minions toiled over this statement: "coalitions are a legitimate constitutional option."  Woops!  I'm sure they meant this statement: "We will not enter a coalition with other federalist parties." (h/t Blue Like You)

Smart people know what to make of a Liberal promise.  The scientific term is bovine excrement.

He then asks: "Why does he insist on [exposing the reality] about an impending coalition...? (BS filter mine)

The answer is that Canadians need to know what the loser parties have in store for our democracy.  The progressive tradition of screaming about one thing while secretly and simultaneously destroying it is on display.  They scream about deficits while planning to balloon them.  They scream about taxes while planning to raise them.  They scream about anything they think you might want to hear, because they think you are just livestock that needs to be herded into a red cattle pen.

End the screaming.  Vote Conservative.


bertie said...

And the BS continues with JACK Layton who will never have a chance at power or leading the country.And this group the NDP think they really are relivent.????17% of the country who support this are in lala land like the PQ.

Anonymous said...

Watch the "laughter" erupt behind Iggy in the scrum of his MP's. It is quite funny. It was over the top phony stuff.

Anonymous said...

Does the statement "“We categorically rule out a coalition or formal arrangement with the BQ.” mean they will NOT categorically rule out a coalition or arrangement with the NDP ?

People must be wondering why they are dancing around this question.

Anonymous said...

Iggy says "I am a democratic from the bottom of my feet to the top of my toes!).

tao_taier said...

This election will not simply be about a possible coalition after the fact, or whether the conservatives get their majority, but primarily on how big it will be!

How many opposition members can get unseated to free up more chairs for conservative MPs in all the various committees? Since thats where the opposition parties are going to keep wasting everyone's time.

I want to see committees chalk full of CPC MPs. In all their various conservative/libertarian flavors.

I wonder if NDP, Bloc and Lib leftovers will still continue with their activist style of handling affairs or will they finally calm the hell down and accept defeat? Some grownup conversations would be a nice change.

tao_taier said...


Who wants to start some V.O.T.O rallies?!

Get that Stephen Taylor guy on it, HE'LL know what to do!

Set up a website and all that jazz.

I don't know... its not my skill set.

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