Tuesday, October 5, 2010

400 Million More Reasons to Forget About Climate Change

At this time of deficits economic woe our government is giving away $400 Million dollars to appease Climate Change (or something).  A dead theory, Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) is all at once, natural, unstoppable and random.  The solutions for this idea range from idiotic to criminal to treasonous to explicitly evil.

My concern today is with the idiotic expenditure of Taxpayers funds on CAGW.  $400 Million dollars is something of a magic number.  It happens to be the estimated cost of a proposed Arena in Quebec City.  The arena is a want not a need.  The city and her people are doing just fine without it.  Though its still a want, the city would rejoice to have it.  There are even minimal stimulus effects that are real.

The $400 million that we are sending to dictators and who knows where else does absolutely nothing for Canadians.  Nothing!  We give away a stadium just like that.  We pay tribute to the green legion that isn't even honoured.  They attack Canada constantly.  They must be destroyed not fed.  What are they going to do about it anyway?  Hang from a bridge and unfurl a sign?  Oh dear me.  Not that.

Liberals will just say 'lets buy both'.  Only the little people will have to pay.    Conservatives like me will say 'lets buy neither' so the little people can thrive.

We have to come to a compromise that does the most good for the most Canadians.  If I can bend my ideals to accommodate others than the socialists can compromise too.  Lets build this stadium and put a stop payment on the green tithe.  In return for a majority I think its a fair deal.

Quebeckers need to realise that we don't have unlimited resources.  The green agenda wants to further limit our resources.  If they want their stadium bad enough, then a little treaty shouldn't be a big problem.  I don't think its an appropriate use of tax money but at least there is some marginal benefit to Canada in building an arena.  At least its an asset with the potential of indefinite revenue.

$400 million thrown into the wind for foreign green nonsense benefits nobody not even the greens. 

Of course every city is going to want a new stadium now.  Carve it directly out of the green budget and I'll support it.  We seem to be able to recognize public funding of Stadiums as unfair tax gluttony but not useless green payoffs every party seems inclined to cough up.

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