Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shake off the UN

We didn't get a seat on the Security Council.  Canada withdrew its bid, conceding the seat to Portugal.  I'm actually happy about that.  There is no reason to pander to international socialists, progressives and Islamofascists.

Lawrence Cannon unfortunately struck out when speaking about the withdrawal at a press conference.  He blamed Micheal Ignatieff for losing the seat because he publicly declared that Canada did not deserve representation on the Security Council.  This doesn't help our case at all.  Liberals who pride themselves on being un-canadian, on leaving the country for three decades, on kissing both cheeks with the elites at the UN, certainly did not help their country at the same UN.

This gives Iggy far too much credit.  He couldn't even win his own party's leadership in an election among liberals.  There is no way that Iggy could have cajoled that many countries into voting against Canada.  They had their own reasons.

One of those reasons is the state of Israel.  Our support for Israel is like a finger in the eye of many evil regimes at the UN.  This is something to be proud of.  We should organise a state visit to Israel.  Support for that one country displeases all of their enemies.  The enemies of Israel are Canada's enemies too and should expect further displeasure.  Odds are we could find ourselves bombing some of those countries in the next ten years.

There are probably a bunch of other little reasons to vote against Canada.  No bribes and gifts.  Ezra Levant.  The environment lobby.

The more interesting question is about what to do now?

Apparently Canada is the 7th largest donor to the UN.  Lets reduce that amount to Portugal size. 

Our $400 million contribution to the Copenhagen debacle bought us absolutely nothing.  The environmentalists will take our money but they won't be bought.  Perhaps we should stop paying them.  It does absolutely nothing to give them money.  I suspect the progressives are wise to our lip service anyway.  Lets just come out and tell the bastards where to go.

The lie of Global Warming has already begun to crack.  All the UN's horses and all the UN's men can't put Global Warming back together again.  Its a wealth redistribution scheme and everybody knows it.  The plan is to take power from sovereign countries and give it to basket case countries who won't know how to keep their charity anyway.  The UN will be the benefactor and distributor of Canada's wealth and will therefore retain the power we gave them.  None of it will help the world or the environment.  It only helps the UN.

The Cancun summit should be fought by Canada.  We all need to do our part to save us from the eco-fascists and if we have to fight through Tory ministers that is what we have to do. Please put an end to this UN IPCC charade.  We can see its a fraud.  We cooperate and still we get hammered by the hypocrites.  Its gone on for far to long.  Get us out of this ridiculous sham called the UN, or at least slap these socialist elites until they smarten up.


Fay said...

Well said! I agree.

bullpup said...

Surrendering Canadian principles on the world-stage, would be surrendering Canadian sovereignty on the world-stage.

The_Iceman said...

I don't expect to see Canadian jets bombing Syria anytime soon, even if I support it. Our support is more moral and economic. Besides do you know how long it would take Israel to turn off the lights across the entire Middle East? 19 minutes...

Alex said...

19 minutes lol. Wouldn't that be something.

If you know who does you know what they will have to save us something to bomb.

Anonymous said...

Why should Conservative foreign policy get a say on the security council when only 30% of Canadian voters support the Conservatives? And probably even less support their neo-conservative Israel ass kissing.

Alex said...

Why indeed. Why should we care. The UN is morally bankrupt, currupt and blundering government without a state. It cares nothing for democracy or limited government or the lives of the people they elected themselves to rule. Its exactly the opposite.

Thanks for your input though. Anyone can come over here and say what they have to say. Freedom of speech and freedom of minds are always welcome. If I'm wrong prove it. I may even agree with you. I'm no slave to any idea. I only ask that you do the same.

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