Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Congratulations Naheed Nenshi

Surprise!  I voted for Nenshi.

Why oh why would a self described conservative vote for the "left" candidate?

I'll break down the reasons for you:
  1. My vote is mine alone.  It belongs to no party or person until its actually cast.  This is democracy.  I decide.  Tie your vote forever to one brand and its value is gone.  All politicians have to earn it back every single time.
  2. Ed Stelmach.  How in the heck did we end up with Ed?  Ralph Klein was great, that's how.  The next guy should be just as good right?  Wrong.  The Alberta PC's have taught me never to grandfather my vote.  It doesn't get passed on with the generations.  I have nothing against Ed or Ric McIvor for that matter.  I even feel bad for them.  Its not personal.  The weight of the brand just isn't good enough to carry my vote anymore.  It doesn't help that Albertans should have been electing a Senator today either.  Its disgraceful.  Nobody died to give us the Canada's only elected Senator so I guess they thought they could just skip the election and it would be cool.  Think again.  Nobody has to die but somebody will be out of a job soon enough.  I know the difference between all these levels of government.  The connection I'm making is just being someone who been an alderman all along doesn't necessarily mean he would be a good mayor too.  Think of Ed.
  3. Cutting red tape for small business.  Music to my sore ears.  Make it happen Mr. Mayor, along with everything else I'll be holding you to.  There are too many homeless.
  4. Personality.  Nenshi had energy and confidence.  He reminds me of myself, or at least who I'd like to be.  Again I don't mean any disrespect to the other candidates, but I'd rather have a beer with Nenshi  than McIvor.  (Higgins was never a choice for me.  Maybe its because I don't have cable)
  5. Chickens.  I had chickens growing up and I love eggs.  Both my parents grew up with chickens and I bet all my ancestors back to the agricultural revolution had chickens.  People can own rats and snakes and poisonous fish but not chickens?  I don't even have a back yard yet but when I do get one I want it in Calgary and I want a couple of chickens.  What is it with sunshine libertarians anyway?  They are all pro-freedom until its something they don't want and then its back to big brother in a snap.  I've got this impression that Nenshi will listen.  I'm sick of being told no by people who are supposedly ideologically on my side.  I could still be told no. -and then I'll buy my house elsewhere.  I'll turn that tax money into gas money and fresh free run eggs every morning.  That's my dream and no bossy neighbor or politician is going to keep me from it.  If its going to be your way or the highway, I'll be taking the highway.
Maybe Nenshi is an Obama?  Who could be worse than Bronco right?  Feels awfully familiar, but really its up to him.  I don't see an agenda here.  Take a look.

I hope this is a wake up call to all the shoo-in politicians out there.  Don't take your job for granted.  It can all evaporate in a second.  It all comes down to the x and the moment of truth.  Every ballot question boils down to this: Who am I better off with?


The_Iceman said...

I thought that Conservatives were supposed to be racist? Calgary is the most Conservative city in Canada and elected a Muslim mayor. I enjoy seeing Liberal stereotypes busted.

Anonymous said...

Ralph Klein was great? LOL
Who do you think saddled you with the largest bureaucracy in Canada including the fed? Or sold out your Canadian labor laws in favor of unconstitutional USA codes?
I piss myself laughing when I hear Albertans Praise klein.

Alex said...

@ Iceman: If more muslims could be like Nenshi the world would really be a better place. I hope he inspires them.

@ Anon: If thats true it was because of the internal rot that was collecting even back then. The "Natural Governing Party" syndrome.

The thing I remember most about Kleins reign was waking up one morning laughing out of my sleep. Do you remember the whole Belinda Stronach / Peter Mckay drama? Klein actually said this in a speech and it was broadcast on the radio the next morning: "...There isn't a conservative bone in [Belinda's] body... well except for Peter McKay."

He's made mistakes sure but he was our Schwarzenegger. Untouchable.
There was also no alternative until now.
Go WildRose!

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