Sunday, October 24, 2010

3 cheers for Jason Kenny

Jason Kenny has got to be the best immigration minister we have ever had.  I was very impressed with his improvements to the immigration guidebook and now there are two excellent moves the Immigration Minister is announcing.

The first is the extension to Iraqi Refugee Program.  This will bring 8600 Iraqi refugees to Canada.  This is Great.  The Iraqis I know are good and hard working people who really appreciate this country.  They are true refugees who just want to live in peace and prosper with the rest of us.

These Iraqis where Christians and refugees from the first Gulf War.  They have very big families, all of whom had harrowing tales of war, oppression, terrorism and escape.  There were plenty of narratives of evil deeds and dark days.  Of all the stories I head from different people the ones of escape were the most profound.  They were stories that ended in success.

My friend and his family (and extended families) had enough of Iraq and decided to flee.  On the way out they were bombed by Saddam.  On the way in they were bombed by Turkey.  (They were mistaken for Kurds.  Turkey hates the Kurds.)  A complicated refugee trail eventually landed them in Canada.  Imagine your family were enemies of the state for wanting leave, only to be mistaken for the enemies of another state.  I can't imagine the terrible conditions that would lead to such terrible risks.

The last time I saw one of my Iraqi friends he was minding his own shop in the City of Vaughan.  It was a modest little convenience boutique.  Nothing more than a polished desk, some well stocked shelves and a register with Interac.  It makes me so proud it stings my eyes.  This country is everything its cracked up to be.

I'm glad Jason Kenney  is making 8600 more success stories. 

Things are so good here that the criminals have caught on.  They game our compassionate immigration system for profit.  The 2nd thing Minister Kennedy did recently was reveal his plan to crack down on queue jumping fake refugee's.  Jason Kenney and Vic Toewes have unveiled legislation to crack down on human smuggling.

More details can be found here.

The opposition doesn't like it of course.  Justin Trudeau denies there is even a queue to jump.  He says immigration is done "case by case."  Are these cases processed all at once junior?  Oh I get it.  Hire so many immigration officers that every case is processed simultaneously.  Ever the Libtard.  Its always the same.  More Government, more taxes, less life.

In confidence liberals always seem to romanticize dictatorships after a few drinks.  If another progressive socialist suggests dictatorship is the best solution I will point them to the nearest Iraqi refugee.  A refugee's story is an essential part of the cause for freedom.  They will always be welcome in Canada.

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