Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Watch the Competition for the F-35 in HD

The Joint Strike Fighter program was a competition to select a versatile 5th generation fighter.  Canada even participated in the selection process.  The F-35 won this competition fair and square.

This video is the Achilles heel of the entire competition argument against the F-35 purchase.  See for yourself.  Show it to the arm chair wing commanders you might know.  Share it.  Suddenly Liberals know everything there is to know about military procurement.  What Liberals know is how to screw up a good thing

Folks that have built up their argument against the F-35 based on cost or competition will sputter and shout when they see this.  They can't refute that its the best plane for the best cost available.  As usual the opposition are playing politics with the lives and security of Canadians.

I posted all this months ago.  The media and their wagging Liberals are good at ignoring the facts.


ridenrain said...

I tried that but they waffled that it was a 5 year old program. The fact that fighters now take decades to develop and put into service is just another one of those little facts they just don't want to hear.
Fact is, they don't care about the fighter, the military or Canadian industry. The Harper government is doing it so their automatically against it.

Brilliant program in any case.

The_Iceman said...

If we need to pass this through the House of Commons, make it a private members bill and half the Liberal caucus won't show up. Voting on legislation is beneath Iggy Flop.

Alex said...

@ridenrain: so facts have an expiry date now? The compeition did in fact occur and it will have always have occured however people try to cloud the argument.

@ iceman: Iggys excuse is pure horse shit as usual.

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