Saturday, July 31, 2010

How the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter beat its competition

Liberal talking points concerning the necessary purchase of 65 state of the art Fighter Jets are purposely misinformed.  They are misleading the public and the parrots in the media because it was them who initially saw the benefits of the Joint Strike Fighter program. 

After a fierce competition between bidding companies to secure the Joint Strike Fighter contract, Lockheed Martins F-35 was selected as the fighter of the future.  Lockheed Martin met or exceeded all the requirements set out by the Joint Strike fighter program beating Boeing and McDonnell Douglas.

The criticism that the project was "sole-sourced" deliberately misrepresents reality.

This PBS special on NOVA "Battle of the X-Planes" details how the Joint Strike Fighter was selected and why.
Why can't our public broadcaster, the CBC, show decent and relevant content like this?

The Joint Strike Fighter program was designed specifically to produce the best fighter possible at the lowest price.  Since all branches of the US military, Canada and several NATO allies are participating in the program economies of scale are possible that reduce the over all cost of a vastly superior fighter.  There will be more spare parts, more experienced mechanics, more pilots, more capabilities and fewer costs than any matching fighter could hope to equal. 

Russian probing of Canadian airspace is nothing new.  The medias assertion that Conservatives are using our current strategic reality to promote the acquisition is completely ridiculous.  Did the PMO call up Putin and request some bombers?  The F-18 that fell out of the sky, was that purely to illustrate our need for new fighters?

I realize that this is above the comprehension of most in the media.  Many of them are little more than parrots in left leaning cages.  I fully support their freedom to spout nonsense as long as they know they are also free to be mocked and ignored.

The F-35 Lightning II is a good purchase and I applaud the Canadian government for making the right choice.  The safety and security of our country is not a political beach ball.  Shame on the media and the Liberal party.


CanadianSense said...

How many extra planes can we order if we redirect our tax dollars away from the CBC?

CBC can morph into a PBS North.

bullpup said...

In the next 20 years we will have invested 35 billion in the CBC. For what, Liberal talking points?

Jim Pook said...

bullpup said: "In the next 20 years we will have invested 35 billion in the CBC. For what, Liberal talking points?"

I'm sorry, but since when is 35 billion dollars put into the CBC an "investment"?

Patrick Ross said...

Excellent work, Alex.

I didn't know much about the bidding process for projects like this. I know more about it now.

But more to the point, in terms of ground support capabilities, the F-35 has no competition. None.

This plane can hover like a Harrier and deliver firepower accurately. It outperforms the Harrier in ground-support situations, and can also go supersonic and dogfight with fighter/interceptor aircraft.

Of course the Liberals are being disingenuous about this. They're desperate and willing to lie in order to make headway.

JDot said...

Thanks for the tip on this youtube vid. Just finished watching it, really interesting stuff.

Of course CBC would never do anything like this. There is no over arching left wing message. Just a informative doc. that was very entertaining..

Lockheed Martin owned Boeing IMHO. Once again thanks for the vid, great stuff..

Alex said...

Pass the video around. It makes the MSM look stupid and in bed with the Liberals.

Boeing was owned. We've got a great fighter in the F-35. I wonder if one could land on the deck of our destroyers? I believe the lift fan is optional either way.

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