Friday, July 16, 2010


This post is dedicated to Iceman.  A fantastic, prolific and funny blogger who is a regular visitor to Spin Assassin. 

I can't remember when the World Cup ended.  I can't be bothered to look it up.  For me the World Cup ended with a single goal from the champion team Spain against Portugal.  This is something that Iceman takes peculiar joy in.  I'm not sure why.

I'll indulge you though.  Lets run with it for today.  Lets talk some soccer.

The first thing to say about soccer is that I'm not really a fan.  I am during the World Cup so long as either Portugal or Canada  gives me a chance to cheer.  When both are out so am I.  Its a bit like luge or skeleton in an off Olympic year.  I don't hate these sports.  I'm just kind of disinterested until our National honour is on the line.   

When it comes to Team Canada I'll yell myself hoarse even if its just ping pong. 

So when my surrogate country, the land of my forebears, Portugal, routes North Korea 7-0 I think I'm justified in being very happy about it.  Iceman doesn't think so.  Iceman thinks Brazil's 2-1 match with North Korea is more enjoyable. 

It was the only game where the offense actually showed up.  They had stellar defense for sure.  The Portuguese goal keeper was a brick wall all through their short run.  It also made for some very boring games with no offense.   

Me I like a good route.  The next federal election will be a route and I will be just as happy if not more so.


The_Iceman said...

Where's your sense of humour? Part of being a sports fan is making good natured jokes at one another. I wrote a post once that being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan is a mental illness. My best friend is a Leafs fan. That's the way she goes.

tao_taier said...

I loved Spain's uniforms but was pist how they started playing like a bunch of panzies pretending to get injured right from the start to make the other team take penalties.

For the first half of the game though the Netherlands was too stiff and passive. The pretty much handed the game off like they were too intimidated or something.

Maybe the games were being manipulated :/

"Win this game and we'll kill your baby kittens..." ~fictitious Spanish crime lord guy from my mind.

Sick bastards!... what is the world coming to..

Alex said...

That is my sense of humour LOL. I should stick to rants maybe. I was making a good natured joke.

Hey I'm leafs fan! Well I'm a leafs fan if you aren't anyway. Go Leafs Go!

The_Iceman said...

So we can still be friends?

Alex said...


Never pegged you as a Tupac man.

Anonymous said...

I just adored those World Cup uniforms....the ones that were painted on!

Alex said...

er Whatever floats your boat.

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