Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Scrap the 10-percenter Mailouts

So the Liberals are playing conservative again?  Good.  They have no power so they can make fiscal conservative claims while never planning to implement them.  Never forget the GST lie.  Oh Liberals can play to the conservative hearts of Canadians but they will never be any thing more than the weasel arm of the NDP.

This is when playing politics can bite them in the ass.  We need to make cuts and this is prime territory to do just that.  I don't believe it's the taxpayers who should pay for party advertising.  The party should pay.  Parties should not be held back either.  If they want to blow their cash or borrow money to send out pamphlets outside of elections that is entirely their choice and their problem.

To show that I'm serious I'll donate to the Conservative Party.  I encourage everyone who thinks that we should drop the 10percenter mail out to send a message to the CPC that we don't need tax money to pay our way.  Folks impatient  about the size of government and the deficit, I'm looking at you.  This can only work if we are generous to our cause.  We know that leftards and their parties believe the state should do everything and will do nothing for themselves (NDP is probably cheating somehow).  Put your money where your mouth is.

I agree with the Liberals this time, even if they don't really mean it.  Go ahead cut.  If we can get into a contest of who can cut more and where it will be a very good thing.

Which Liberal baby should we cut in response? 

This time in office is precious.  How long before the perfect storm comes along?  How long before the media can find the right issue to amplify properly?  Liberals are trying to beat us at our own game and its an excellent opportunity. 

Lets show them.  Christian Conservative and Hatrock's Cave have some excellent amendment ideas.


Anonymous said...

I am in Helena Guergis's riding and just received a 10 percenter from Iggy wanting to know if I think our troops are adequately provided for after they leave the force. Also, if I support him or Mr. Harper. I have noted on there that I would not support any liberal, never mind, him.

tiktok said...

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