Friday, March 5, 2010

Sorry Feminists: Gender Neutrality is not a Canadian Ideal

Well that was quick.  No changes to the anthem.  O Canada stays the same as it has been since 1980.  The Government listens to Canadians, be they feminists making complaints, or scores of citizens showing their deep conservative values.

Of course the media will tell you anything to twist it into an affront to democracy.  People are getting good at ignoring them all together.  The media is like late night commercial TV.

Personally I didn't mind the idea.  I remember when this was the issue in my grade school growing up in Ontario.  I was against it back then, though I couldn't give you a reason why.  It was a Catholic school so the God part was never debated.  I guess over the years I've realized that it doesn't matter.  Nobody else thinks so, and it still doesn't matter either way.


CanadianSense said...

Typo in heading, I think this was a red herring used to force the MSM lose their marbles.

The_Iceman said...

I am having trouble believing that the Government ever had any intention of changing the anthem, especially considering how many times athletes from around the world had to listen to it on the podium.

Something isn't making sense.

dupmar said...

If you can't conserve the national anthem, what's the point in calling yourself the Conservative Party of Canada, may as well call yourself the Revisionist Party.

Don Martin claims 9 out of 10 Conservative MPs opposed the change. I want to know who the revisionist 10 percent are. Give me names?

Nor would it stop with this one line. May as well scrap the whole national anthem. Rod Silvers complains the line " our home and native land" is an affront to all those "Canadians", to wit "Canadians of convenience" born outside our borders who hold some foreign land and its customs dearest in their hearts.

Of course some Hezbollah activists proudly waving their flag, with a Canadian passport tucked in theie rear pocket as insurance in case of need, like the crowd at Palestine House or Canadians for Al Jazeera, why yes, they may find some of the words offensive and may not identify with the Canadian national anthem, in either English or French variant, for the same reason they don't identify with Canada itself or with our cultural values.

But for the Conservative government to spout this nonsense....

Rick T said...

Personally I refuse to learn any version of our national anthem that was not in use at the date of my birth (June 1956), and have told my wife that should I die before her, I expect to have the same flag that flew at my birth on my coffin.

Yeah, I know I'm a dinosaur, deal with it...

Joe said...

Actually there was never an intent to change the Anthem. What the Conservatives just did was shut up the 'progressives' by silencing their constant caterwauling. The Conservatives used the positive Canadian experience of the Olympics to strengthen the Conservative bent of Canadians. When you are playing the masses you offer them both positive and negative alternatives. Do you want to live? Yeah! Do you want to die? NO!
Do you love Canada? YEAH! Do you want to change it? NO! Are you proud of Canada? Yeah! Do you want to change our anthem to satisfy the progressives? NO!!!!

Spin Assassin said...

@Canadiansense thank you, corrected. I think you are right. See my previous post.

@IceMan yeah, but it does make sense. We listened to feminists and then we said no. 2 birds one stone.

@dupmar Have you been reading Martin lately? Go slumming through it and tell me anything he says important to you. I do agree with the rest of what you said. I think what you fear is the slippery slope.

@Rick T I like dinosaurs and people who call themselves dinosaurs. You can sing any song you like with any flag you like because I know what true patriot love looks like. Hint: its not iggy.

@ joe. I agree completely. I think the sheer strength of the conservative response was misjudged. I thought we would have a debate and decide against the feminists, but instead there was this overwhelming STFU!!! Heh at least we know where we all stand. I might be open minded, but I'm with you guys.

L said...

Language changes, as a means to achieve??? equality are a soooo '60s solution. Who knew when the budget was being printed that Canadians would be singing our anthem loudly and spontaneously, with no women insulted by the wording? The PM was wise to drop the issue, which was something a few women senators wanted. It is a dumb issue for the PM to support, given the backlash from non-conservatives too. We do not need "anthem-gate", and women in Canada today do not give a shirk about PC wording.

Frances said...

Rick - you would have sympathesized with the naval vet who wanted the flag he fought under at the scattering of his ashes from the Canadian destroyer. Unfortunately for him, it was not allowed.

Anonymous said...

Harper is a Master chess player. Well done PM.
This issue will not come up again...ever.
One more item off the list of "things to do" for the Harper team.

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