Thursday, March 11, 2010

The not-so-hidden message of Avatar

I like a lot of Cameron's movies and I liked Avatar too.  Something bothered me as the movie progressed though.  There was a distinctly Anti-Human feel to it.  It was also Anti-Western (it wasn't a Chinese invasion force) and Anti-Mining.  The Anti-Mining aspect targets the Oil Sands in particular.

Now some people have said, "its just a coincidence."  I don't see how that is possible.  James Cameron is an environmental type who thinks we need to wage WWII on climate change.  This is not an Algorism (Al-Gore-ism).  He means it and Avatar, written by Cameron, is the climate general's opening volley.

Lets take a closer look.

The Mining Operation

  Here we see the evil mining operation of Pandora.  Notice the ridiculous size of the excavating contraption behind them.  One of those scoops could fill a truck.  There should be a traffic jam of those trucks.  It would only have to run for a day to dig that entire pit.  You might think I'm nitpicking, but the point is that what you see on screen is not there to make perfect sense.  Cameron is no novice.  This shot is designed not only to frighten you, but to associate the image of the monster machine with the familiar trucks.

Below this we see an image of the Oil Sands with its characteristic yellow trucks.  These trucks actually aren't unique to Oil Sands but used in many mining operations around the world.  The reason we associate them with the Oil Sands is because of the extensive marketing campaigns deployed by the green lobby.

Again, there are no accidents in film.  James Cameron has made many excellent movies over many years.  The same care that was taken to animate that scary excavator, was put into Avatars trucks.  They are meant to remind us of the Oil Sands and mining in general.

The Base: Hell's Gateway
 This is where the evil humans live.  Fitting that it should look like a penitentiary.  One look and you know who the bad guys are.  Who else would live in a place like this?

The 9/11 Scene
 This has got to be the worst moment of the entire movie.  Why?  This is what the profit motive does?  It brings out the very worst in people does it?  The lesson I can gather here is that if Calgary were built on top of the Oil Sands, Exxon or Shell would simply destroy Calgary and begin mining.  This is the Eco-nazi lie staring you in the face.  Even RDS, the mining company in Pandora would not have done this.  What kind of universe does Cameron live in?  What kind of universe is Pandora?  It must be so rich in life that sentient beings like the Na'vi must be a dime a dozen.  Pandora would be for tourists, not miners and soldiers.  Look at all the Pandora tourists lining up at the box office.  Nobody went for the dialog or the plot.  Everyone went to see the movie for the experience.  It was like the Wizard of OZ.  A magical new technology on display in a big budget film.

Cameron should remember that this happened for real.  The motive for this was not profit at all but religion and cultural imperialism.  Those buildings stood for profit and the freedom to make it.  Profit is what motivates people to greatness.  Profit is what motivates the best parts of Avatar.  Sadly, James Cameron is beyond profit these days.
Those towers were brought down by hatred, intolerance and fundamentalism.  These are the same feelings that the green movement is attempting to harness right now to achieve its ends.

The Pandora God
 On queue the Giai clichè makes its way on screen.  Here we have the Na'vi worshiping their tree god.  The Na'vi have a heaven in the tree.  Their souls somehow migrate into the tree after death into an afterlife.  They can also swap alien souls into Na'vi clones (as ridiculous as that sounds).  Don't you want to be a Na'vi?  You can run around nude, worship a tree god, and go to a Na'vi heaven.  Its no wonder the Vatican denounced Avatar.

Predictions for Avatar 2 and 3
All around the tree god are hints to its Giai status as world god.  There are pulsing roots and the entire ecology is network compatible.  I'd be willing to bet that this Unobtainium is a product of the tree gods will.  It feeds the big tree cities and probably makes those mountains float.

 After downloading the scientist and uploading her to the clone, its possible that the tree god knows everything about Humans now.  When they come back in Avatar 2: The Miners Strike Back, the tree god will evolve new creatures to fight with.  They might even build living space ships to visit earth and help the poor sick earth goddess.  Panspermia is the usual sci-fi explanation for all the humanoid aliens.  It fits here and its all clichè.

Why did James Cameron make this movie?  He is already 'king of the world'.  He did make a beautiful world in his movie after all.  I'm sure part of it is the same motivation any artist feels.  Many artists carry a message in their medium.  Cameron's message is clear.  Real humans today on Earth are greedy and evil destroyers.  The good thing to do is to renounce capitalism and profit and seek spiritual oneness with the earth mother.

His ode to the Earth cost her dearly if you believe the propaganda.  300 million carbon soaked dollars for 168 minutes of new age scripture.  That's roughly $30,000 a second.  If the words out of Cameron's own mouth and the expensive meticulous visual persuasion of a seasoned professional won't convince you, then nothing will.

So there it is.  This movie was made to slag the Oil Sands and convert you to the green religion.  As if nudged by Cameron himself the usual bunch of whack jobs comes out to bend Avatar to its true meaning.  Ann McElhinney of Not Evil Just Wrong asked James Cameron to "Grow UP!"  By the end of the film you are just cheering as the Americans are slaughtered.  Isn't it the future?  Why isn't China out there gobbling up all the Unobtainium it can get?  NASA has given up on manned spaceflight in our universe.  The little green men over at NASA are more interested in, you guessed it, climate change.  They have changed our past.  They have stolen our future.   They spend millions polluting our culture with lies and spread a false religion.  They must be stopped.


Bec said...

It wasn't a coincidence, it was clearly exactly as you described. I also think it could be why it didn't do as well as expected, Climategate erupted just prior to it's release and Americans in particular started to pay attention.

What was even more interesting for me was that 'Hurt Locker' took the day. A year ago, no one could have told me that would occur and have me believe it. What a difference a year in America makes...
Excellent post, btw!

Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

Avatar is a bore.

Spin Assassin said...

Thanks Bec. My theory about the awards was that the Academy typically waits for the 3rd movie of the trilogy. Hurt Locker is a one shot kind of movie. It won't make a sequel.

They want to avoid a Star Wars phenomenon. Lord of the Rings only got best picture at the end for Return of the King. Avatar 3 will get best picture I predict.

Anonymous said...

Unobtanium, Liberal return to power under Iggy.

The_Iceman said...

Nicely done! I have no intention of watching Avatar because 3D gives me a headache. I know George Lucas tried to tie some Bush-Chenney symbolism into the latest Star Wars.

I think the biggest problem with you Spin Assassin is that you don't write enough. I enjoy your work.

Spin Assassin said...

Thanks Iceman. My problem is priorities. Can you make a living at this? If so I could write all the time about everything. I don't know many rich authors. -or rich journalists. (which is a selection pressure favoring liberal journalists eh?) I have too many hobbies. I think I'll try to commit to a post per day for practice sake, until I figure out how make a few pennies with my thoughts.

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