Saturday, March 27, 2010

Don't fight Earth Hour

Ignore it.

Like many of you I'm annoyed every year by the eco-religion's official holy days hours and months.  I'm not really annoyed that they want to turn out their lights.  All the power to them.  May they feel spiritually uplifted and cleansed of all their daily eco-sins.  What annoys me is that they want me to convert.  They want me to go out of my way for something I don't believe in because they say it will make me good.

I decide what is good and right, not them.  -Especially not them.

Waste is bad.  Waste is bad for me personally.  It won't save or kill the Earth, but it hurts my wallet.  Matter and energy are always conserved, but finite in size.  Of course I will conserve my resources, I'm Conservative.

This brings me to Competitive Enterprise Institute's Human Achievement Hour or HAH.  Instead of turning out your lights at the command of the "Forces of Darkness", they encourage you to go to a party and have the lights on.

Many people don't think this goes far enough and are planning to turn on all their lights and appliances in symbolic defiance.  They want to outshine all the dismal gloominess of the eco-cult by being the exact opposite: needlessly wasting resources.

I can certainly understand, but this is where I separate from the group.  Its wrong to waste energy, even for defiant symbolism.  Your gesture will be wasted on them.  You cannot win this game playing their rules.  Its a stupid game that is best not played.

The eco-cult has characterized Earth Hour as a vote.  Turning out your lights is a vote for the earth they claim.  This is because all electricity is derived from some form exploitation of the Earths resources.

A communist dictatorship like North Korea doesn't allow votes at all.  Yet a satellite image of the oppressed people suggests that they overwhelmingly support Earth Hour.  Not just during Earth Hour, but every hour.  By eco-rationale, North Korea, is the most forward thinking light-switch democracy in the world.

How many of these "voters"  will be turning off their fridges and freezers during that time?  I'll hazard a guess that none of them will, and even if they did, those appliances would have to work harder to cool down again after Earth Hour.  All for nothing.  Its a complete farce.

If you turn on all your lights, you are inadvertently sending the false message that waste preferable to conservation.  I know what you are really trying to say.  It's all very frustrating.  I know.  The problem here is that you are dancing to a tune called by the eco-cult.  Lights on, lights off, its all just one dance or another.

I'm not doing anything different for Earth day or Earth Hour.  I'm going to do whatever I feel like doing.  This is my day and my hour.  I will not turn out my lights unless I feel like a nap.  I'll not turn on all my lights unless I need light in all those places.  I will not spend any money to annoy either group, though I may spend money to please myself or my friends.

React to the enemy only when it furthers your own objectives.  I encourage CEI and my other friends to ignore Earth days and hours.  A better move would be to perhaps make the following Sunday Human Achievement Day.  Make it the Easter to their Good Friday; something like Thanksgiving.  Don't make it oppose Earth Hour directly but allow people to participate in both events and let them decide which message is the more positive.    

May all your hours be positive and productive on this Happy Saturday.

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