Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Prime Ministers New Channel

I just cut off my Satellite service to save a few coins.  Almost exactly in time with that decision I hear that Mr. Harper has his own YouTube channel.  Marvelous!  Although today's broadcast was simply a CPAC feed.  At least it looked like one. 

Everything you can get on Cable can be found online.  You can even find some things that the liberal media cartel has tried to keep from you.  I've already heard some in the media complaining about it.  Too funny.  They are so predictable.

One radio pundit suggested that viewers to this channel would be in the hundreds, while just the introduction video has already had 7000 views in one day.  Off by an order of magnitude and we're just getting started.

You can bet the usual paid pundits will call the Prime Ministers Interview next week  'stupid' or 'pointless'.  I mean why listen to a politician when you can listen to their enemies lie about them?  I'm not even saying you should ignore the media.  Not at all.  Now you can go strait to the source.  Make up your mind for yourself and then check with the pundits to see who's fibbing.  Heck, start up your own blog and become a pundit yourself.  Its easy and free.  If these interviews happen regularly they could fill the void the media loudly complained about when Martin was run off.

This free blog is my ultimate voice.  Something that the media would never let me have unless I spent years sucking up and slaving away for them.  The internet is playground of the Libertarian. Exercise your freedom.


Spin Assassin said...

hmmm at least it looked like a feed from CPAC... should have taken a screen cap. Next time.

Spin Assassin said...

blogs are easy to get but hard to make worth reading. That's the tricky part. Making a good post off the cuff is harder than it looks. I got some juicy ones in the oven. I apologize if I'm less than awesome today. More later. ;)

GRM said...

CBC's supreme upholder of anti-Conservative hate speech, Kady O'Malley is railing about this because, I suspect this Google watch will circumvent the left wing,liberal loving media thus allowing Canadians an opportunity to view the PM's comments in full rather than just the media spun snippets taken (usually) out of context to further their liberal agenda. A brilliant and positive move by the PMO. May this accelerate the demise of the vile CBC and the over Billion dollar a year waste of taxpayer funds.

Anonymous said...

This must be part of the 'end run around the media' talked about in January by the PMO.

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