Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Well That's Democracy

Sorry folks. 

The people have chosen the status quo.  They are more afraid of the new then they are mad at the corruption, spending, incompetence and soon taxes. 

Wildrose was too scary for government.  We must accept the judgement of the voters.  We must correct that perception.  It has to be a priority.

We know we aren't racists or homophobes.  We have to prove it beyond a doubt.  Professionals from far flung corners will come here again to suggest the opposite.  We have to make it so obvious that people will sniff the stale lie out on their own.

We have to make the case against climate change.  Sorry, but this one isn't going away.  Danielle Smith gave a full throated skeptical response to global warming on 2 separate occasions.  That wasn't a bozo eruption.  That was true.  The science isn't settled.  Some people honestly have no clue that none of it makes sense or will never come true.  If the choice is between lying to people about global warming or explaining why nothing we do has an impact then I'm taking the second choice.  The lying is the problem.  The lie is costing billions upon billions of dollars we will never see again.

There is no reason Wildrose has to carry this issue alone.  "The science isn't settled" is the most any politician should have to say on the matter.  We need to reach out to the heavy hitters of skepticism out there.  They need to know that Alberta is ground zero for this battle.  I believe they will join the fight.  Against them will come all the usual kooks and Albertans can see they stand with enemies on the climate change front.

The good news is that Wildrose has gone from zero seats to 18 seats.   Discounting expectations, its a huge increase in seats and a huge proportion of the vote.  We will capitalize on it.

The PCs are who they are.  They have walked out of this election with some pretty hefty promises to keep.  Another 4 years of it too.  This is just getting started.

Wildrose isn't going anywhere.  PCs have lost this voter for life.  I have never been so hypocritically insulted by my own government.  I would sooner vote NDP than PC.  I'm going to do a lot more than vote though.  A hell of a lot more.  I hope you do too.  A monthly donation is a great place to start.

Canada needs a conservative Alberta.



Mike said...

"Some people honestly have no clue that none of it makes sense or will never come true."

What are we talking here, the Bible? Because it sounds like we're talking about the Bible here. Are we?

Oy Vey

Alex said...

Mike, if I changed the topic from Global Warming to the Bible I would need to say so and start a new paragraph.

That's your PC style school system. Let me know if you need any more help.

Oy Vey? So are you one of those Jews for Jesus? Congratualtions.

Craig said...

9/10 stories in the election were about racism and bigotry. This was a victory for slander and scare tactics.

hunter said...

Round one to the red tories, round two coming up. We have 4 years to get the blue tories into shape. It's going to be fun watching Danielle take Alison down in the legislature.

Take note of Alison's promises this election, and call her on every promise she does not hold. Starting with that bridge to nowhere she was talking about.

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