Monday, April 23, 2012


I believe in democracy.  The people are always right. 

May they smile on a new government of Danielle Smith and the Wildrose Party.

A Wild Rose about to bloom in Jasper Park
Its a gorgeous day in Banff - Cochrane and I voted for Tom Copithorne of the Wildrose Party. 

This election will have a record turnout.  Excellent weather and a desire for real change have really engaged the electorate.  The theory that negative campaigns supress the electorate will be invalidated by this election whatever the outcome.  I hope it also proves that negative campaigns no longer work.

If you havn't already, get to a polling station and drag whoever else needs to go with you. 

Enjoy the day.

Wildrose For Alberta!


Mike said...

Yep I agree, Lot's of people at the polling station here in Strathcona county.

Anonymous said...

LOL. PC Party will get even with you.

Alex said...

They will get even with a third of us? Please Bring it.

Anonymous said...

The turnout was disappointingly low. I really thought people were engaged.

Anonymous said...

Consider it brought.

Alex said...

You don't scare me. You are the one hiding and making threats. Do your worst PC scumbag.

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