Thursday, April 5, 2012

Triage Comes to Alberta

Allison Redford has "Invented Triage" according to Alberta Liberal Leader and MD Raj Sherman.  Today's PC promise is to give patients with serious injuries faster treatment in Emergency Rooms.  Luckily I've never been to an ER.  I honestly had no idea they didn't have triage here.

We have triage of course.  This is just another case of Redford promising to do things the government already does and must do. 

Conversely Wildrose has released Pledge # 4.  It's billed as a "patient wait time guarantee" but its actually a pretty comprehensive overhaul of some the worst things about Alberta's system.

The PC managed health system is one that consistently under performs and is less efficient than other provinces.  It's encumbered by excessive red tape and an overbearing bureaucracy.  Systemic PC government corruption has lead to doctor intimidation that fails each and every Albertan.  It has to stop.

Wildrose plans to guarantee a limit to the wait times by allowing patients to use independent providers.  This relieves the pressure caused by forcing sick people through a single generic public provider.  This is already proven successful in BC, Quebec and widely used in Europe.  Albertans should not have to sacrifice their health to secure small public fiefdoms.  Allowing a public, private mix of health care will raise service levels and lower costs for them all though competition.

I hope as few of us need to benefit from this pledge as possible.  I'm so glad Wildrose is here to take on the toughest problems with a solid plan to fix them.  Vote Wildrose!


Anonymous said...

hospitals in flordia post wait time in emergency on billboards. the longest wait time i saw was 26 minutes and that was a saturday night. too bad there is little or no accountability in our medical care system.

Anonymous said...

Free(er) markets are the way to, though down here in America we are headed your way-my Canadian friend; Under Obamacare.

Gerald said...

If a person voted because of beauty,then Danielle would win hands down,as she's one beautiful lady.

Dave said...

Alison Redfrod is Alberta politics version of Stephan Dion. Just as with Dion every time Alison opens her mouth I burst out laughing.

I must give her credit where credit is due however. By pandering to the left to win the PC leadership race she pretty much handed the provincial election over to the Wildrose and at the same time she has so confused the Libs and Dippers that they are voting PC in fear of the Wildrose.

So in one fell swoop she may have destroyed three political parties in Alberta.

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