Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wildrose Energy Dividend Pledge Facts

Any good policy will draw false criticism from dishonest journalists and politicians anytime.  During an election it gets even worse.  Editors seem to either go on vacation or jump in with partisan campaigning of their own.

That is why I think Wildrose issued this stunning correction to the Edmonton Journal.  JUST THE FACTS: Edmonton Journal on the Alberta Energy Dividend.

Do journalists often write about what they do not read?  Read the Wildrose Enegry dividend pledge here.  Its all there plain as day.  Only QMI has got it consistently right.  (Calgary Herald this morning seems to have its facts grudgingly straight)

Remember when Postmedia was different than Globemedia?  I'm sure you've read Ezra's textual backhand to these slandering hypocrites already.  I expect it from them.

The Post has this little nugget of misinformation by Kelly MacParland.  Barely once at the end 'article' from this 'editor' is there the fact that the dividend only takes effect in the even of a cash surplus.  Here are some quotes from the article:
the bidding (for votes) is being led by Danielle Smith, leader of the ostensibly prudent and pragmatic Wildrose party, which says it will display its greater fealty to fiscal rectitude by cutting every single Albertan a big fat cheque — not only this year, but next year too, and the year after that
Er no Kelly.  -Not this year or next year or even the year after that.  Wildrose is projecting a dividend of $300 if and only if a surplus is attained through "fiscal rectitude" by 2015.  Even then, the Alberta Energy Dividend Fund has to have at least $750 million it for anything to be paid out.

her party’s idea of careful fiscal planning is to throw open the doors to the treasury and shout: “Come and get it.”
Do they still have internet where you live Kelly?  I couldn't find that throwing open of doors part.  Please review the actual pledge before you weigh in.  You have failed yourself and your readers.
If you’re running a government and times are good, use the opportunity to prepare for the next downturn, when it will be needed. 
Wow thanks for the advise.  He writes from that beacon of fiscal sanity in the east but but his opinion is pretty worthless if its misinformed. Only he isn't misinformed, he's misinforming.

It doesn't stop with McParland unfortunately.  Looking down the page you see Dan Arnold or "Calgary Git" declaring:
It’s not worth wasting virtual ink over the merits of Danielle Smith’s promise of a $300 “dividend” for every Albertan, because there are none.
Well he's figured it all out I guess.  He links back to his boss's ill concieved article above.  No need to actually read the pledge.  Any money sent to residents is a waste.  You, citizen, are a waste of money.  You are only useful if you are enrolled in some government program.  The value of an average Albertan ends at its interaction with the government.   Got it?  Socialist boiler plate.

I've saved the worst for last though.  They have dug up an old article on the "Wild Boar Party."  This "party" is not a part of Alberta's provincial election.  It is not listed as a registered party under Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act.  Its fake leader is Smith Daniells, so now you know who they are mocking if there was any doubt.  Basically the National Post is calling the Wildrose Party and its supporters swine.

Yeah so if you don't like progressives, then you are a pig.  Want fewer heads in the taxpayer trough?  Want less government pork?  That makes you the pig somehow. 

I don't do boycotts.  I don't presume to know your situation or the places you need to spend your money.  I know that my patronage of Postmedia material has been steadily dropping.  Now they call me a pig and lie about the best policies on offer in this election.  This from a failing paper in a distant failing province to boot?  You do what you need to do.  For me the spinners at Postmedia are no longer welcome.   


Pissedoff said...

Suggest you go back an re read he does say

"Ms. Smith insists she’ll only send out the money once there’s a surplus. But surpluses come and go, generally with long gaps in between, and you’d think that if there was any lesson to be learned from the past three years of economic turmoil it’s this: If you’re running a government and times are good, use the opportunity to prepare for the next downturn, when it will be needed."

Alex said...

It's unlikely I would have missed that. Next time I'll copy the article before I write about it. I also tweeted him about it last night. Plenty of time to be the editor and edit.

Either way the quotes above distinctly leave the impression he doesn't understand the pledge and is internally inconsistent within his own reasoning.

Anonymous said...

'Beer and popcorn' anyone?
Seems our moral and intellectual superiors don't trust us with our own money.


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