Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Policy Blitzkrieg and the F-35

On with business.

I've been watching with interest the F-35 debate.  I noticed that it didn't go so well for the Conservatives and I'm not sure why.

We know that the F-35 is the needful gear.  Nobody can recommend something better.  All they can do is complain about money that hasn't been spent.  Should be a slam dunk.

Instead its yet another faux scandal.   Its the usual whining that ends up seeing the Forces overpaying and under equipped.

I propose that Policy Blitzkrieg is a solution to the faux scandal tactic.  While the oppos are whining and complaining and trying to bog the government down in a pseudo-logical morass, the government needs to move

The F-35 debate is a perfect example of where this can do some good. 

It strikes me that procurement is broken in this country.  I remember the whole EH-101 debacle and then the Cormorant.  It was followed by the used submarine boondoggle and long before that there was the problem with refitting the Bonnaventure. 

Now we have the F-35.  I think the government should move ahead with a permanent fix for military procurement.  Take these decisions away from politicians.  Its too important to be subordinated to political implications.  Create a system that can be given a budget and some clear goals and let it run.

While the oppos and the media party try to make hay, you just move right along with the policy to fix it.  Hold a press conference if the oppos don't want to talk about it.  More press conferences would be a good thing in fact.  Hold court directly with the people and leave the silliness in the fun-house floor.  The people need to know that there is good government in Ottawa.  Otherwise the opposition and media party get to tell the story.


dmorris said...

You're taking too much for granted,the "people" do NOT "know that there is good government in Ottawa",at least not the non-Conservatives.

The Conservatives should be trying to cultivate a news source that is more inclined to present THEIR side of the ongoing debates.

They have three Networks,CBC,CTV,and Global, working full time to destroy the government,yet they still treat CBC with kid gloves. It's time to fire and hire at CBC. There's plenty of reason to,the corporation has never shown a profit.

I agree with the Press conferences, but the government needs to find a very well spoken and charismatic spokesman to conduct said conferences,and take some of the heat off the Cabinet Ministers.

The PM also has to rein in some of those CM's,lest their propensity for the high life leads to more muckraking than there already is.

We won a majority basically because the Opposition was in disarray. We must not let ourselves become arrogant Liberals,and we MUST censure our MP's when they step over the line.

Mulcair and the NDP do present a real threat,and if the Liberals ever get their act together, we could be in trouble in 2015.

Complacency is the enemy of every political Party,and we Conservatives are no different.

Alex said...

While I agree with you, I think maybe you misread that sentance. They need to know because they don't know. Hopefully we can give them something to know about.

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