Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Alberta PC Desperation Sets In Early

The Progressive Party is showing their true colours early.  41 years of uninterrupted rule and Allison Redford suddenly discovers Alberta needs 140 new clinics, 50 new schools, 70 school refurbishments so far!  Its only week 2.  This equation doesn't balance unless you look at the latest polls.

The latest poll has Wildrose 17 points ahead of the Progs.  Now you have all the variables, solve for P?  I knew the Progressives would go hard left at some point, I just didn't expect it so soon.  Here we are. We also saw a glimpse of what is coming next.

In her best scolding schoolmarm voice Mrs. Redford denounced the Surplus Energy Dividend.  She chided Albertans with a false dichotomy between new services and a surplus budget with cash back.  Government has the duty to provide adequate schools, hospitals, police and fire services to support the population.  It's not an option.  Its not a goody to dangle before reprobate voters if they complete their election homework to her liking. 

The Surplus Energy Dividend gets paid out if and only if there is a surplus.   Should the necessary expenses of the government exceed revenue there won't be a dividend.  Simple.  Its not even expected to happen for 3 more years.  This isn't a fantasy land NDP idea.  WRP really plans to do this.

Redford's PC math lesson said The Surplus Energy Dividend would require Oil at $223 per barrel.  I actually agree with that.  That is oil price required for a Redford government to break even.  The PCs have inadvertently told us how big of a boom they would need to balance the budget.  It would probably take 223 years to do that with Progressives in charge.  They just don't do responsible.  They will spend every dollar they have on getting even bigger, and then borrow and grow some more.  As they promise and as they have been shown to do.

140 new clinics, 50 new schools, 70 school refurbishments so far!  How come those weren't in the budget you just passed Alison?   A budget that required this government to borrow money to advertise.  I've never heard of that anywhere ever.  A governemnt can just pass a budget.  That was election spending with your future tax dollars.  Its money you didn't even make yet, never mind government getting the chance to take it.  All of the money the PCs are borrowing for their silly schemes is backed by you.

But 41 years is such a long time.  The Natural Governing Party psychology is that much worse with these progressives than it was with the federal Liberals.  First they will go hard left.  Next they will apply the fear.  "look out for Wildrose!  Gather your children close!  Douse the lights and hide the jewelry!  They're coming!" heh.  The Fear is to drive left wing votes away from the far left, the NDP and the Liberals and into the PCs.

140 new clinics, 50 new schools, 70 school refurbishments so far!  What about bridges?  Got any bridges?  How about day cares?  Too Liberal?  -An Upgrader or two then?  No they canceled those.  Ah.  The Environment.  How do you plan to save the world from Alberta Mrs. Redford?  I'm all ears.  Really.

Note: Liberals and NDP can avoid being extinguished by the progressives with two essential tactics.  First, attack the the Progressives hard.  This is your best chance at survival.  Wildrose is the best hope to split the conservative vote and pick up some seats.  Ignore Wildrose.  The PC's will style themselves as the only option to defeat the right and will annihilate the NDP and Liberal Parties and lose.  I can't think of a wose case scenario for you.  Second.  Start talking up a coalition.  A coalition allows you to keep your voters and act like you'll be able to stop Wildrose actually end up in government at the end of the day.  Coalition is win win for the left.  For Wildrose its all or nothing anyway. Majority or bust. I know. ;)      


Craig said...

I haven't heard anything remotely conservative come out of Allison Redford's mouth since the Alberta Teacher's union elected her PC Party leader. I thought I'd never say this but I miss Ed Stelmach.

Joe said...

Pick a dud leader once is forgivable if you fix it but replacing that dud leader with an even bigger dud.... Sorry but you lost my vote.

Anonymous said...

it would seem redford would like to bankrupt alberta.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, wait a minute!!
Who do you think you are?
Get back in your place!

Behave yourself, and sit there like a good little doggy with the kibble treat placed on your nose and wait until your lord and master, Redford in this case, says ok and you get to gobble up the little treat.

Healthcare and education aren't there to improve your life, they are the little treats that your master doles out in exchange for your vote.

Any thought that keeping people from dying and suffering by improving healthcare is simply more evidence of your naivety, it's only role is as a political lever used to buy power.

sarcasm off.....

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